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Paul Heyman looks like a surprise to EVOLVE 131

Paul Heyman looks like a surprise to EVOLVE 131

Paul Heyman was surprised at the show tonight at the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary exhibition, featuring Austin Theory and JD Drake. With two superstars who took part in the winning EVOLVE and World Wrestling Network Championships, Heyman praised both superstars and said they would like the game.

For a full view of the moment, look down below and be sure to follow our event reporting:

Bryan Idol goes out to represent the ring, but the lights go out. They come up and Paul Heyman is in the ring and gets a massive song "ECW" and "Holy shit". Heyman presents himself and gets a "welcome" and sings, and then says it is an honor and privilege to be at home. He says he was not called, but asked to be there. He wants to take all of this first hand and says he will serve tonight as a sign that the business has really developed. He adheres and serves as a ring announcer for the winning match between Austin Theory and JD Drake.

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Austin Theory wins WWN Belt

After Heyman's introduction to the game, Theory won, won the World Wrestling Network title and became a double champion tonight. After the match, however, Josh Briggs came out to break the celebration, and delivered the beating to the newly-announced champion. From the look of things, Theory seems to have a challenger for titles, and Briggs could pose a major threat.

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