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Vancouver Island police use a Taser to subdue the escaped emu

A fugitive emu blocked a busy road and forced police to use a Taser Tuesday morning in Chemainus.

According to the NorthMP Cowichan-Duncan RCMP, a five-foot-tall emu weighing about 100 pounds escaped from a farm near Chemainus just before 10am.

Mountains say a large, flightless bird has decided to stand firm in the middle of Cheminaus Road. It was a decision that would eventually force the police to take action.

According to the front, the animal caused major traffic disruptions and became a safety concern for pedestrians.

Police blocked traffic in both directions for 30 minutes as a plan to capture emu, one of the world's largest bird species, was dropped.

Animal control officers were summoned to the scene, but the escaped creature, with strong and dangerous legs, was already disturbed.

Acting aggressively and in close proximity to humans, the decision was made to use a guided energy weapon, or Taser, to subdue a large terrestrial bird.

"Our primary concern is always safety … not only to the public and our officers, but also to the animals," said RCMP staff Sgt. Chris Swain.

Once in police custody, emu is taken back to his farm, where he is said to be in perfect health.

According to a neighbor, the name of the emu is Parker.

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