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Microsoft, it's impossible to hide, lose the game with Sony when it comes to the next generation console. PlayStation 4 sold much better than the Xbox One. To the extent that Microsoft simply does not provide more numeric sales value. However, they will now solve this error. As Boogie2988 released, known on YouTube, the other day in the conversation, Mike Ybarra told him little about studies that the company is buying to a large extent.

Boogie2988 asked why so many companies are buying. Ybarra then said that Microsoft wants to stay ahead of the competition on the market. Hence the idea for the largest database of studies, and therefore games that will be a great start to the new console. Moreover, the company currently has no intention of saving anything. According to Ybarri, Microsoft first asks what kind of game the studio wants, and then simply gives them money if it turns out the idea is interesting.

It's not known when the Xbox Scarlett will exactly appear. It is said that we will wait for Microsoft hardware for at least two years. The PlayStation 5 should be revealed in the next year's PlayStation Experience.

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"Ja żyję! Żyję!" Probe InSight dzwoni to NASA, already wylądowała on Marsie Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:16:51 +0000

  1. "Ja żyję! Żyję!" Probe InSight dzwoni to NASA, already wylądowała on Marsie Gazeta Wyborcza
  2. Probe InSight wylądowała na Marsie. To była ostra jazda …
  3. Lądowanie probe InSight na Marsie. Zobacz Transmisję TVN Meteo
  4. Probe InSight wylądowała na Marsie
  5. Full coverage

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PlayStation Classic with English and Japanese unbox Mon, 26 Nov 2018 17:17:47 +0000

PlayStation Classic with 20 classic titles from the first PlayStation on the market debuts December 3 this year. The set will include, among other things, the Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 and Grand Theft Auto icons.

In the English Channel and Japanese Sony representatives today, a box-free console appears, allowing us to look at the size of the equipment and the contents of the entire box. We can also learn from the materials that the PlayStation Classic will not have a drive for PSone boards, will not allow downloading additional games over the network and will not support Dualshock 4.

PlayStation Classic – Box Remover Box:

<img src = "images / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAAAJ /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAAAIBIBA7" class = "lazy lazy-hidden" data-lazy-type = "iframe" data-lazy-src ="alt =" "/>

<img src = "images / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAAAJ /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAAAIBIBA7" class = "lazy lazy-hidden" data-lazy-type = "iframe" data-lazy-src ="alt =" "/>

PlayStation Classic – UI screenshot:

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Huawei will show a smartphone with a unique front-mounted camera access Mon, 26 Nov 2018 11:25:54 +0000

About the author

Mateusz Budzeń

Between Samsung and Huawea began the battle for the title of the largest smartphone maker. The Chinese count every year for high sales, closer and closer to Samsung, which is currently ranked first in ranking. In addition, both companies compete for the most innovative manufacturer in the market.

We learned that the foldable Samsung Galaxy F should have a strong rival. Huawei will unveil its own foldable smartphone for sale. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer also decided to show a response to the Galaxy A8s or a smartphone with a hole on the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a completely new approach to mounting the front webcam. It will be set up small hole. This will allow you to use slim frames, without the need for a notch (carved into iPhone X). The smartphone will be introduced in December.

It's interesting that Huawei will work on a very similar device. According to Ice Universe, which we have a lot of proven leaks, Huawei's new smartphone will also be shown in December. It's possible even a few days before the aforementioned Samsung device. Confirmation of this information is a graphic that should come directly from Huawei. On it we can see a mindless smartphone with a hole in the upper left corner.

It is worth adding that the screen with hole the camera should also have the Galaxy S10. Samsung has already presented the Infinity-O screen that will be installed in future models during a conference sent to developers.

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Top 10 PlayStation Black Friday Offer Mon, 26 Nov 2018 08:31:46 +0000

Black Friday is the real day of the game. How else can you call a period in which almost all hot names can be obtained at super prices? However, you have to hurry, because black Friday promotions have to end quickly. Let's look at some of the most interesting offerings for the Playstation Console owners.

Playstation subscription

Buying a Playstation Plus for up to 12 months can save up to 20%, and Playstation Plus is useful, you do not have to convince anyone. Finally, the subscription not only allows you to play online games, but also provide us with monthly free titles.

Marvelous Spider-Man

The latest version of the adventure of Spider-Man is a sensational game. This is proven not only by great reviews, but by a very warm reception from the players themselves. On the occasion of Black Friday, this exciting game can be obtained by as much as 41% cheaper! The Marvel spider man received a benevolent 9.5 / 10 character from our portal.

"The story in Marvel's Spider-Man is not bad, unfortunately, this is not particularly significant in the context of competitive open-air productions." Fortunately, the creators have done a lot of work to ensure that the remaining aspects of production are at the highest level. The transition between animation, both in the city and in the city, is extremely smooth and satisfying: New York's exploration is fun, and gadgets, skills and clothes are a wonderful diversion of the game, and the game looks beautiful, especially when the Sun is above the River Hudson and beautifully illuminates the buildings. sure to use the game often. There is no doubt that Marvel's spider will get the honor of joining a group of the best exclusive games for the PlayStation 4 "

Fifa 19

The series of Fifa games does not have to be presented to anyone. This classic title has been enjoyed by fans of football for many years now. If you have not yet had the opportunity to play the latest war of this series, a discount of -43% can be enough to catch.

God of war

God of War is definitely one of the best games in recent years, and what's more, this is definitely the title for which it's really worth buying a Playstation. Our reviewer assessed the latest adventures of God War at 9.5 / 10 and said:

"Kratos came back in a beautiful style, and the views of the landscape of the Nordic worlds will remain in my head for a long time." The ending of the following opponents gives a lot of joy, and battles with the bosses, although they are not as much as I would like, shaken me on the neck several times. I am grateful to the creators of the story. A glimpse of the way the father and son is doing makes a huge impression. You have certainly not seen this face of the god of war, but you do not have to worry about the fact that Kratos softened the god of war is still a very brutal game that has matured I would tell a moving story. "

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games studio has long let us wait for our next game. Who for years did not look like a new GTA. However, it turns out that Rockstar did not waste time creating a continuation of its big Western hit and is definitely worth the wait. Red Dead Redemption 2 is simply an extraordinary title, rated by our website on a solid 10/10.

Detroit: Become a man

The latest work by the famous Quantum Dreams studio has captured the hearts of thousands of players around the world. History of androids in Detroit: Become a human being gives us an opportunity to watch an extraordinary interactive adventure filled with complex choices, as our reviewer estimates:

"Detroit: Becoming Human is very involved in the game, allowing the player to extract his own story through the election, which is often ambiguous and thoughtful."

Fallout 76

The latest release of Fallout series has received quite negative reviews from players and some reviewers. Our editor is not entirely sure if this is true, but soon you will be able to check our review.

Be it, it's still the latest version of the popular series of games, plus a real fresh novelty that you can now get with a high 41% discount. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to check out Fallout 76's game?

Assasins Creed Odyssey

Assasins Creed is another series of games that almost everyone has heard. The latest version of the series takes us to the world of ancient Greece, well known through the prism of legends and general history lessons. If you want to see how connecting Asassins and legendary Greek warriors, you can do so now using a Black Friday discount.

Horizont Zero Dawn

If you are one of the few Playstation 4 owners who have not played Horizon Zero Down, this is the best time to overcome these unpleasant disadvantages. With the current promotion, this title can only be purchased for PLN 79! As our reviewer said:

"The creators of Guerilla Games have proven that they can do not only the first-hand shooters, but open-source games as well." The Horizon Zero Dawn will remain in my memory for a long time, thanks largely to the incredible world and stunning, though linear, history. I'm referring to graphics. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful game ever created. "

Rescue Mission ASTRO BOT

Astrobot is a really extraordinary title, definitely the best game available for PS VR users, and perhaps the best game ever made on Virtual Reality technology. Our portal rated this title for good 9/10, emphasizing that the Astro Bot is definitely one of the most interesting and original games that have recently seen the light of day.

All discounts can be checked on this link.

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Microsoft becomes the most valuable company in the world :: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 22:40:20 +0000

Apple loses the title of the leader. Microsoft has just been recognized as the most valuable company in the world. The materials available on the web show that the Redmond giant is currently worth around $ 753 billion. The current price of the action ($ 172.2) of iPhone manufacturers means that the company's value is 746 billion "green".

Apple has long been considered the most expensive company in the world. Ba, this company, as the first in history, had a value of more than a trillion dollars. The Cupertino giant's shares then cost $ 231 per package. So what went wrong and why the manufacturer recorded such a big drop? Well, they're probably blaming the latest iPhones. Apple has always been known for its relatively high prices, but this year's premier smartphone company surprised even the biggest fans of products signed with the logo of bite apples. It turns out that the iPhone will cost … from $ 749 to $ 1449. The producer, of course, also again expressed greed. In the box with the most expensive iPhones, Xs and Xs Max do not have a quick charger, despite the fact that these models support the right technique and the fact that the most expensive is costing more than 7,000 PLN. The "cheap" iPhone Xr, as needed for equipment over 3000 PLN, does not even have a Full HD display.

Check how much older, high-end Huawei and Honor smartphones are (their price should now fall):

It's hard to say what the popularity of the latest Apple smartphones is, but it's probably lower than the expected manufacturer. From the material provided by the editors of the Softpedia website, it seems that the company has overestimated equipment, reduced production and reduced orders. Even the iPhone X has been restored to life. In short, milk is spilled, and Americans try to minimize possible losses as soon as possible. The only question is: will the manufacturer receive any lessons for the future? Personally, I say yes, but the answer to this question will be known only next year.

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See Honor 8X. Medium-sized smartphone with a large screen at a low price Sun, 25 Nov 2018 06:20:59 +0000

Appearance and performance quality

We start with the look, because it is a flat in Horze 8X (especially red), which really attracts attention. Some time ago, it was hard to believe that the Honor brand would be specialized in making such beautiful smartphones.

The company does not succeed in Horze 8X. There used technology earlier, say, of Part 9. It was covered with glass of 15 layers, which in a characteristic way breaks the light. For this there is an interesting accent in the form of a special tape, which adds charm.

Honor 8XHonor 8X fot. Bartłomiej Pawlak,

The whole looks great and the device is very attractive. Especially in red, which I think looks best. By the way, it was a more elegant emphasis in the shape of a matte edge, not a brilliant (as in Huawei Mate 20 lite) metal.

When it comes to quality, I have nothing to stick with. The whole construction is solid, properly mounted. It can only be disturbed by the slightly sharp edges of the frame surrounding the fingerprint reader.

That's 6.5 inches

There is nothing to cheat. Honor 8X is a great phone. It has a 6.5 inches display, with modern today very wide proportions, thanks to it well in hand. However, a small number of people will be able to handle it with one hand more easily. Before buying, it's worth taking it in your own hands to make sure it suits you.

After purchase, I recommend that you use it carefully since the protective glass here is quite sensitive to scratches. After a few days, I had two big scratches and a dozen microses.

Honor 8XHonor 8X fot. Bartłomiej Pawlak,

Despite the presence of such a large diagonal screen, the Honor 8X has dimensions identical to those of most smartphones with a screen smaller than 2/10 or even half an inch. This is due to very tight frames and probably the smallest (in this segment) strip of unused space below the screen. To minimize the frame in this – quite cheap – the phone, therefore, a slow applause.

When it comes to the quality of the screen itself (this is the IPS panel), you will not be disappointed. It is bright and displays beautiful saturated colors. From the typical average shelf. The mere presence of the cut ("notch") can be disturbing, which – I must note – fortunately much less than in the Mate 20 lite.

Honor 8X and Huawei Mate 20 LiteHonor 8X and Huawei Mate 20 Lite fot. Bartłomiej Pawlak,

technical specifications

At the very beginning, I mentioned Honor's 8X younger brother Huawei Mate 20 Lite. Both smartphones have the same specification, so here I will find the point to fit the whole paragraph with a review of the Mate 20 lite. For those interested, I recommend reading the text you will find here.

I will just note that I did not notice any difference in the speed or working time at one charge (identical battery) on both phones. In both cases – exclusively in European versions of the phone – we also have the NFC module.

Honor 8XHonor 8X fot. Bartłomiej Pawlak,

The only differences in the Honora 8X specification are the presence of up to 128 GB (instead of 64 GB) embedded memory in the base version that the manufacturer deserves.

I do not understand, however, the decision to build an outdated Micro USB port (instead of USB type C). According to the manufacturer, this move was to reduce the price of a smartphone. Unfortunately, it's a nasty step backwards at a time when most devices already have a socket in a new standard.

Under Honor 8X results in AnTuT benchmark:

Honor 8X in AnTuTuHonor 8X in AnTuTu AnTuTu Photo Screenshot (Honor 8X)

Cameras and photographic capabilities

The photo module is a copy of the Mate 20 lite specification. We have two matrices here – mainly with a resolution of 20 Mpix (with light f / 1.8) and an additional (used to extract depth information) with a resolution of 2 megapixels.

Photo by Honor 8XPhoto by Honor 8X photo: Bartłomiej Pawlak

The quality of photos during the day is almost the same as the Huawei smartphone, which is at a very high level, according to your pricing policy. Similar to both smartphones is artificial intelligence, which usually helps, but in many cases it is better to turn it off.

Photo by Honor 8XPhoto by Honor 8X photo: Bartłomiej Pawlak

In short, I will say that I can not hold the image with Honor 8X in well-lit places. They are correctly lit, contrasting and detailed. Something worse at night, which is standard on this shelf. However, instead of repeating it again, I mean the review of Mate 20 Lite.

In the Honora 8X camera application, however, there was a unique function – night mode, which works on a similar principle as in Huawei's flagship. For 4-5 seconds, he takes a series of images that combine the most light and detail from the frame.

Night mode in Horze 8XNight mode in Horze 8X photo: Bartłomiej Pawlak

In practice, it is enough to keep the phone for a while to receive sharp and immovable "hands" images, even in very dark places. The night mode in Honor 8X works is of course much worse than the leading smartphones of the company, but this is a unique feature on the average shelf that I used very often.

Examples of photos taken in night mode can be found below:

Night mode in Horze 8XNight mode in Horze 8X photo: Bartłomiej Pawlak

Night mode in Horze 8XNight mode in Horze 8X photo: Bartłomiej Pawlak

More photos taken with Honor 8X can be seen by clicking on the title photo at the top of the text.


Honora 8X was very pleased with me. This is a very successful smartphone that works perfectly in everyday situations and looks great. I successfully replaced my primary phone during the entire month of testing.

Finally, we have a suitable processor, 4 GB of RAM with up to 128 GB of internal memory, a long battery and a very good camera that will also work fine at night. For this, there was an important NFC module, often overlooked by some competitors. The problem for me was just a Micro USB socket, because I used to get used to a two-sided type C USB.

Honor 8XHonor 8X fot. Bartłomiej Pawlak,

In my opinion, the damage that Honor did not differ slightly from the model 8X from Huawei's proposal in the form of a Mate 20 lite. In this way, both smartphones will compete with each other, as apart from their looks and screen size, they differ only in the capacity of the internal memory, the type of USB socket and the presence of night mode in the tested part.

The Honor 8X is available at this time for PLN 1299 in blue and black. A little later, the red version I'm testing will also enter the stores. Prices Huawei Mate 20 lite, in turn, start at around 1,300 PLN and end with 1,600 PLN depending on the store.

What smartphone do you think is better to invest?

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High budget headlines die – says director of the first God of War • Sat, 24 Nov 2018 13:44:02 +0000

Director of the first edition of Goda War and creator of the series Twisted Metal – David Jaffe – published in 2005, in which he claims that in the budget titles they are dying.

According to the designer, modern games from the largest pocket (ie the so-called AAA) do not develop. For example, he gave the Uncharted series, since the fourth part of the first one differs only in graphics.

The programmer emphasizes that the lack of innovation is not only the problem of Naughty Dog studio projects but the entire virtual entertainment industry. It explains that many creators in subsequent products prefer replication of verified solutions rather than experimenting.

At the same time, Jaffe appreciates technical design and performance, although he points out that due to the lack of news in the gameplay mechanisms, the game becomes repetitive. However, he is aware of the improvements that have been introduced in some areas over the years, including the story.

Interestingly, Internet users have decided that the title of a movie that points to the dying of high-budget positions is too strong and too overwhelming. After criticism, the designer decided to change the name of the image to refer to the reproducibility of production.

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Black Friday 2018 – the most beautiful thing about knowing w sieci Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:06:49 +0000

Nvidia Shield (TV Remote Edition) a tablet of about 200 złotych!


Przenośne urządzenie Nvidia Shield mogęecie dziś kupic ą 200 złotych taniej. It was a great pleasure to visit the center of multimedia roseries, and to promote it with a great perversion of warto zwrócić uwagę.

Sony WH-100XM2B – the best in the world


What is the reason for this reduction? One with lepszych models of the brand Sony mogżecie dziś buyer for 999 złotych. This przyzwoita price, which is why Wam zaoszczędzić nawet 150 złotych.

Corsair Carbide Clear 400C for about 300 złotych!


Przyzwoita obudowa w atrakcyjnej cenie? That's possible! At obudowę Corsair Carbide 400C can buy for about 300 złotych with darmową dostawą. They were skorzystacie with these promotions, which forzzędzicie from 60 to 80 złotych względem wielu polskich sklepów.

Przejdź do oferty, w której obudowę Corsair Carbide 400C kupisz za około 300 złotych

Logitech G305 – one with the most beautiful bezprzewodowych myszek dla graczy


Macie dość przewodów i wymagacie absolutnie najwyższej precyzji? Jedną z najlepszych myszek bezprzewodowych znajdziecie w promocji na Media Markt za 179 zloty, z pozwoli Wam zaoszczędzić nawet 50 złotych.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II – Atrakcyjne słuchawki bezprzewodowe


Poszukujecie bezkompromisowych słuchawek bezprzewodowych? It was such a szczególną uwagę powinniście zwrócić of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, which could be bought on for about 1115 złotych with darmową dostawą. Dzięki temu oszczędzicie nawet 280 złotych.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with FIFA19 dice


Świetna oferta dla graczy, którzy poszukiwali konsoli PS4 bądź PS4 Pro w naprawdę dobrej cenie. Dzięki dostępnej w on, konsolę PS4 Pro z grą FIFA 19 kupice za oko 1600 złotych z darmową dostawą!

Kindle Paperwhite 4 tips about 40 Euros!


Amazon's promotional campaigns, which offer a wide range of e-bookings. Ten żywny czytnik znajdziecie na for about 450 złotych z darmową wysyłką!

Canon EOS 6D – pełna klatka w dobry cenie


Promocję with the Black Friday reviews can be well known with the official conclusion of one of the most popular producers of appliances. Tylko there, the camera Canon EOS 6D (corpus) bought for 4299 złotych. Dzięki tej ofercie zaoszczędzicie nawet 600 złotych!

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AMD Ryzen for notebooks is great equipment, but with poor support. Buyers are unhappy Thu, 22 Nov 2018 06:31:13 +0000

About the author

Piotr Urbaniak

When AMD introduced Rizen's mobile Rizon Vega processors to the market, it seemed that the time was gold. In the end, after the years of Intel's hegemony, it is a good alternative to the market for laptops, with competitive and, in some aspects (graphics), even higher performance. Only, as we know, the platform was built not only by hardware, but by software. In the meantime, the Internet is flooding a wave of complaints about the quality and distribution of drivers.

As it turned out, the latest drivers, either in Windows Update or on the manufacturer's website, were released in August 2018. In fact, they come from June, but they have changed the time stamp. And this is not the end, because the Radeon Software package has been released into operation for ten months ago, namely, in July 2017. As a result, there are several features that have been introduced later, such as Radeon ReLive and Radeon Overlay, and optimization for the latest games are quite desirable – there is virtually no correction.

In addition, the quality of drivers is criticized. Users mention, among other things, a faulty TDP limit, a dysfunctional DirectX 11 mode in VLC media player, problems with recognizing graphics cards in Adobe and Blender applications, changing resolution in selected DX11 games, flickering the screen with Dynamic Dynamic Setup function active, below the set border stopper (if used, Radeon Chill), as well as accidental blue death and resumes the screens.

Hiccups are called fragmentation

Interestingly, none of these problems are experienced by Rizen APU desktop computers, although they are based on exactly the same silicon structure, called Raven Ridge, included in the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition package and receive updates along with dedicated graphic cards regularly every month and on each major premieres in the game market. By nature, the community requires the same treatment of mobile systems.

Unfortunately, red and users of their equipment are more complex. The laptops with Ryzenami Mobile have got a lot of freedom in determining chip parameters, even energy borders, which are regulated at the level of controllers, and at the same time directly relate to the construction of computers. Bearing in mind problems such as the precise efficiency of the cooling system or battery capacity, the Sunnyvale company can now not generate generic packages. That's why you need to look for a different solution.

Unfortunately, it's not easy. As you know, laptops manufacturers have dozens of different models available, and some are even more. This does not contribute to concentration on a particular type. AMD issued a short statement saying it will intensify its collaboration with its partners so that each notebook with Ryzen gets two updates per year. Although not yet very impressive, it encourages some hope for improvement. Only, can you count on active co-operation, since the topic is now demolished, and the rifles still collect "red" and not any of the manufacturers?

Well, in my humble opinion – no. AMD, as a small company on the market, shot at the foot, believed too deeply for entities that were de facto independent. Dozens of devices have been released, which, as you can see, are quickly forgotten, and now the processor provider has been left with the problem of dissatisfied customers, without having too many fields to work. A horse with a number of people who finds it efficient and – what's important – a solution that can be implemented.

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