Thursday , April 22 2021


Sundsvall earthquake alarm

According to the Swedish national seismic network SNSN, it is an earthquake of magnitude 2.4. The preliminary size was 2.6. The earthquake occurred at 11.19 pm, 17 kilometers deep east of Sörböle, …

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Kolgjini: – This will be a great horse

Mantorp offered competitions with excellent crown growers on Wednesday night, one that impressed was Upset Face (author of Joke Face-Iona L.B) from the Kolgjini booth. Three-year-old Adrian Kolgjini with Lutfi Kolgjini in …

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Broadway veteran Harold Prince is dead

Prince has been instrumental in the Broadway musical throughout his decades-long career. From the 1960s onwards, he was the driving force behind many successful shows such as "The Damned Yankees," "West Side …

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