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Dry, cracked skin is more susceptible to bacteria and increases the risk of infection, so special attention should be paid not only to balanced nutrition but also to proper skin care. The advice provided by the pharmacist "Euroaptikas" Ieva Zvagule and the MFD Health Center "Pārdaugava", the dermatologist Lāsma Kalnbērze, will be useful not only for people with diabetes, but also for those who have skin problems during the cold months of the year.

"Diabetes is a serious condition that requires a person to be more attentive to his body than a healthy person can afford." Unfortunately, the skin often feels the effects of this disease, and will definitely be grateful for a healthy, healthy, and vitamin-rich diet that will enable her to gain valuable but other tips will be helpful to avoid some common skin health issues, "said Dr. Lāsma Kalnbērza, dermatologist at the MFD Health Center "Pardaugava".

People with diabetes often have dry skin, so it is advisable to use gentle detergents such as soap and shower gels and shampoos. It should be remembered that warm water is not a good friend for normal skin, but people with a tendency to dry skin especially recommend avoiding warm baths and showers. After washing, the skin should be thoroughly thickened and rubbed with oily lotion, lotion, cream or flower. "The skin can be extremely dry in winter," says Lāsma Kalnbērza, "so hold your face and hands in the cold and windy weather: use a protective flower or creamy grease before shining, protect the lip balm and always wear gloves." Important in cold and dry conditions. maintain adequate moisture in the rooms in months, as dry air also drains the skin.

In turn, the pharmacist "Euroapketas" Iev Zvagule reminds that the true supermoter is a vegetable oil that, when absorbed in the skin, helps to create a natural protective layer, hydrates the skin and prevents it from getting out of the skin: "All natural oils contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, as well as other oils and vitamins that are soluble in water that have a beneficial effect on the function of the skin. The proportions of the substances are different in each oil, but each of them saves, nourishes and nourishes the skin, protects the call, reduces inflammation and redness, the options are wide – coconut, avocado, almond, argent, night soap and various other oils! If it's hard to find the right one, the pharmacist will be happy to help!

Irritation of the skin, irritation, allergic reactions

People with diabetes more often develop skin irritation and irritation, so it is advisable to choose products that are sensitive to the skin without excessive odor, color and other chemicals that can irritate the skin. Medications for diabetics can also cause hepatitis and allergic reactions – in this case, you may need to change them in consultation with your doctor.

"Moist and warm environments are useful for bacterial growth and the development of infection, so keep dry areas on the skin between and below the chest, hips and armpits," says Lomas Kalnberzas. "In these areas of the skin there should be no creams in too thick, because too much moisture can contribute to the development of fungi. However, the dehydration powder can help to dry these places."

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The EU has an increased incidence of Lyme disease; Member States will have to report expansion / article / LSM.LV Sat, 24 Nov 2018 02:45:49 +0000

Member States of the European Union (EU) will continue to report cases of Lyme disease to the European Center for Disease Control. Studies have shown that morbidity in many member states is increasing, as is the prevalence of painful ticks due to climate change.

In short:

  • The number of cases of infection in Latvia has decreased.
  • Many countries in the EU do not collect Lyme disease data.
  • The EU lacks a common practice of treatment and research.
  • EC: Citizens should be educated about measures for disease prevention and prevention.
  • EU countries must continue to report cases of illness.
  • This information will be collected by the European Center for Disease Control to study the spread of the disease.

The European Parliament calls for the development of a plan to combat this disease – to get more complete dissemination data and develop common therapies and diagnostic practices.

In the meantime, the number of cases of infection in Latvia has decreased in recent years.

In many European Member States, data on Lyme disease are currently not collected. The lack of data influences the possibility of financing the research, Finnish MP Meryl Kylanen, a member of the European Parliament, is debating the European Commission on Sunday.

The European Parliament explained that in winter the winters have become warmer and that the prevalence of ticks is higher, but there are very different treatment experiences in the Member States and there is a lack of common practice.

"Symptoms are very different, and some patients eventually experience serious complications. Blood antibody research is also problematic because it sometimes does not occur in the blood if the infection is short-lived, and sometimes it is blood-borne, but difficult to diagnose. , diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease are not in good condition and many studies are still needed. Sometimes Lyme disease becomes chronic, often people continue to have symptoms for many years after antibiotic therapy, sometimes these people are left without proper care and treatment, and also have lost the ability to work, "Kylanen said.

In the meantime, the Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova, stressed that there is a need for more education in Member States on Lyme disease and possible preventive measures.

"Lymphatic disease is a serious health hazard for European citizens who are prone to cramps and infections. Recent studies have shown that 22 out of 100 people are infected with Lai's disease every year in Europe, and Lama's disease is a growing phenomenon in several member states. there is always no vaccine against Lyme disease, so general precautions must be taken.People have to be familiar with, wear appropriate clothing when they go in nature, and must be able to properly remove the spit .The highest risk group is people who work in agriculture and forestry "said Yurov.

Laima's disease in Latvia has been registered since 1986, however, the number of cases has not significantly increased in the last few years.

Based on the scientific assessment, the European Commission has already decided to include Lyme disease – neurobiocytic disease – on the list of infectious diseases of the European Union. Countries should continue to report disease cases and information will be collected by the European Center for Disease Control, starting next year, in order to assess trends in the spread of disease in Europe.

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Dermatologia – cilivēm ar diabētu vai problemātisku īpaši būtiska ir tās pareiza kopšana | BNN Thu, 22 Nov 2018 17:34:50 +0000

Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUDot cukura diabēts skar Vielmaiņa, tas atstāj Ietekme not tikai with cilvēka Iekšējie Organii un pašsajūtu, bet higher organismu: cilvēkiem ar Diabetes Biezen ir sausāka Ada, lielāku iespēja parādīties ADAS niezei un kairinājumam, kā arī Biežāk attīstās dažādas infekcijas – gan bakteriālas, gan sēnīšu, stāsta Euroaptiekas farmaceite Ievas Zvagule.

Sausa, saplaisājusi āda i uzņēmīgāka pret mikrobiem un palielina inficēšanās risku, tāpēc īpaša uzmanība jāpievērš ne tikai sabalansētam uzturam, bet arī pareizai ādas kopšanai. Zvagules un MFD veselības center Pārdaugava ārstes, dermatoloģes Lāsmas Kalnbērzas sniegtie padomi gan noderēs ne tikai cilvēkiem ar diabētu, bet ikvienam, kuram gada aukstajos mēnešos rodas problēmas ar ādu.

"Diabēts ir nopietna saslimšana, kas pieprasa no cilvēka daudz uzmanīgāku attieksmi pri savu organizmu, nekā var atļauties vesels cilvēks. Diemžēl šīs slimības sekas nereti jūt arī āda. This note is intended to be readily available, pareizu un vitamīniem bagātu uzturu, kas ļaus tai iegūt vērtīgās uzturvielas. Tomēr, lai izvairītos no dažām biežāk izplatītajām ādas veselības problēmām, noderēs arī citi padomi, »ska MFD veselības centra Pārdaugava ārste dermatoloģe Lāsma Kalnbērza.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Jāatceras, for karsts ūdens nav nekā labais draugs arī normālai ādai, bet cilvēkiem ar noslieci uz sausu īpaši ieteicams izvairīties no karstām vannām un dušām. Pēc mazgāšanās āda rūpīgi jānosusina un jāieziež ar ķermeņa eļļu, losjonu, krēmu vai ziedi. "Ada var but Ipas sausa ziemā," wants Lāsma Kalnbērza, "tāpēc sargājiet sow un rokas auksti un vējainā laikā: pirms došanās Zara lietojiet aizsargājošu ziedi vai cream ar augstu Tauka saturate, aizsargājošu Lupu balm un vienmēr uzvelciet cimdus." Svarīgi aukstajos un sausajos You can use the following menu to find the right one, and then press the joystick.

Savukārt Euroaptiekas of the pharmaceutical atgādina, to īsts superprodukts ir augmentations Ellas, trot, iesūcoties Ada, palīdz veidot Dabiskā aizsargslāni, aiztur ADA mitrumu un tādējādi neļauj there izgarot but ADAS virsmas: "Visas dabiskās Ellas Satur daudz nepiesātināto taukskābju, vitamin E, where piemīt antioxidant iedarbība, Ari citus taukos un ūdenī šķīstošos vitamīnus, kas labvēlīgi ietekmē ādas funkcijas. Vērtīgo vielu proporcijas katrā eļļā ir atąķirīgas, bet ikviena no tām kopj, baro un ietauko ādu, sargā no mikrobiem, mazina ikaisumu un apsārtumu. Find out what you are looking for – a coconut, avocado, mandel, argana, naktssveces and dazādas citas eļļas! I am happy to be here, the farmaceits will not be disappointed! »

Cilvēkiem ar cukura diabētu i lielāka iespēja parādīties ādas niezei un kairinājumam, tādēļ ieteicams izvēlēties jutīgai i piemērotus produktus bez liekām smaržvielām, krāsvielām un citām ķīmiskām vielām, kas var kairināt ādu. There is a lack of response to the development of the diabetic medicines – tādā gadījumā, iespējams, nepieciešams tos mainīt, konsultējoties ar ārstu.

"Miter and silent see the labs and bacteria of the infected and infected people, and they have the same conditions as the starp and the earth, and the circus and the padus," aicinaKalnbērza. "Shajos ādas rajonos nevajadzētu klāt krēmu pārāk biezā slānī, jo papildu mitrums var veicināt sēnīšu attīstīšanos. Toties can be found on the Internet, and you will not be able to use it in any way. »

It is possible for a person to have an opportunity to stay in the pirkstiem, sa sausa, sabiezējusi āda var apgrūtināt asins paraugu ņemšanu no pirkstiem glikozes līmeņa noteikšanai, turklāt tas radīs diskomfortu. The dermatologists are not aware of the symptoms of the disease, but they do not even have a jaundice injuries – trauma or even "ieejas vārti" microbial.

"Lai justos labi, vienmēr valkājiet pareiza izmēra zeķes un apavus – cilvēkiem ar diabētu var parādīties jutīguma traucējumi kājās. Ikdienā vispiemērotākās būs pietiekami platas, zema papēža, ērtas kurpes, »iesaka Kalnbērza. Apavi pirms vilkšanas noteikti jāpārbauda, ​​lai pārliecinātos, vai taos nav iekļuvis kāds svešķermenis, kas var savainot pēdas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cilvēkiem ar cukura diabētu biežāk attīstās dažādas infekcijas – gan bakteriālas, gan sēnīšu. Bet sausa, saplaisājusi āda i uzņēmīgāka pret mikrobiem un palielina inficēšanās risku. Sekojiet līdzi ādas, sevišķi kāju veselībai: ja radušies kādi bojājumi – brūces, iegriezumi, čūlas, nagu izmaiņas, noteikti jāmeklē profesionāļu padoms – farmaceits ir laba pirmā izvēle. "The visitor's visitor has a high level of apprenticeship – he is nominally in the care of his wife and grandmother. Bet, and the unpredictable and unadorned problems that are not found in the past, note that consultations are in the interest of the people, and they do not have the gadalaiks, "aicina Kalnbērza.

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Endless Tests and Fighting Survival – Diabetes Dietians Discover Their Daily Life Thu, 22 Nov 2018 02:25:06 +0000

Although diabetes is prevalent in Latvia, data from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control shows that there were 91,571 diabetics in Latvia in 2017, and there are still many prejudices and disease diseases and its patients in society. Likewise, a large number of people do not understand the symptoms and progress of this disease, as well as the importance of supporting people with diabetes in their everyday lives, their sensitivity and ability to deal with critical situations.

Most people can not even imagine the daily life of diabetics. To attract public attention to this disease, the Latvian Diabetes Center launched a social campaign "Strengthening Diabetes", in which the personality of ether in the community is felt on the skin of the patient, while patients with diabetes – Krista Teivane and Rodrigo Uldriķis – openly talk about their experience.

Rodrigo Uldriq, 15, from Jelgava, type 1 diabetes, was found at the age of 3 years. "I do not remember the beginning, I started to remember something about the age of 5, but I suppose that the parents were probably shocked," says Rodrigo, emphasizing that diabetes is the cause of which you feel worried and think about your well-being continuously. "I do not know what is the life of diabetes. I daily monitor blood glucose levels, eat some sweets, I take insulin often as it is needed everyday. I have experiences in which sugar levels dramatically decrease and increase when they reach even indicators that I can not Read a certain sugar level meter If you feel the reaction is slower, your vision is blurred, your head rubbing, then I know that something should be done right now, "said Rodrigo with his diabetic experience. At the same time, diabetes was not an obstacle for a young person to quit his sporting activities, on the contrary: "I am very happy to be an athlete, I drive. In school, I run in front of the sport," says the young man.

Rodrigo's mothers and other peers have already discovered and accepted his illness at school. "Constructors know that I have diabetes, they were initially interested in them, but then they got used to it, and now they ignore them. And besides, strange, I did not go badly out of school," Rodrigo says. The guy is still young, he has not developed various side effects and complications, and perhaps because of his youth, even when he is a sports sugar, which is a manifestation of diabetes.

On the contrary, Krista Teivane, founder and leader of the Latvian Diabetes Center, who has been living with diabetes for 28 years, has a different experience. "Sports is: if there is cardiovascular activity, the level of sugar falls, if the exercise of strength increases the level of sugar. You should count on the highest math constantly – how much you need to shake, how much you eat, how long you run when you are standing, during the hot season sugar is falling, stress is rising – from every action we take, the level of sugar changes. You can not relax for a moment, you can not get out without a syringe or measuring device. Stay with friends only when you are good If you know that after two hours of exercise, there is little to squeeze, but you have to think about what to eat, which carbohydrates you take. In my case, it's a constant stress, "your" fight against diabetes, "says Christ.

Diabetes is a disease that people often do not notice. "Of course, people around me who do not know me, even if I do not know that I have diabetes, but I can not relax for a moment, even at night." It should be alarmed, you have to go up, sometimes even three or four times, sugar must be measured, I can sleep all night and I do not measure anything But I also have the time to wake up from bad luck, I constantly wake up. If this is not the case, there would be a hypoglycemic coma that would lead to serious brain damage and could also die, "it is Christ." He acknowledges that she does not resist her feelings and control of the disease during her lifetime, but health problems can deteriorate at any moment .

If a person ever hears about diabetes symptoms, this is an opportunity to protect people who are close to you. Even if they are suspected, it's important that you tell them a doctor. It can be saved from hospitalization. When a person misses insulin, the energy we eat while eating enters the body, but does not reach the target – as a result, cells starve, but even more sugar circulates in the blood. It also results in a natural reaction of the body – expressed thirst for the sweetening of sweet blood. Since the cells are hungry, a person eats a lot, but feeling tired and losing weight. Particularly expressed thirst should be taken into account at night. Children also need to be carefree – weight loss is never normal if not tested with intent, especially for children who are growing up.

"There was a case," recalls Christ, "the family doctor measures the baby's sugar level and the device shows" Hello. "Once," Hello ", the second time" Hello, "the doctor is asking and does not understand the judge that he will drop something. This means "high", so high sugar level that turns off from the device display ("high" – high, "healthy" – healthy in English) When sending samples of blood to the laboratory, the child lost consciousness and entered the hospital. Even doctors do not have information about signs of diabetes, and people do not know what to do in such situations. "

Children in Latvia have basic cases for patients with diabetes, but the Diabetes Center Lavie admits that decision makers focus on the need for adequate compensation for medical products. Adults are compensated for only 75%, but this is not limited to insulin alone. In a pharmacy, each needle is given with one needle, which must last for several weeks or even a month, although it should be changed daily. Also with measuring straps. There are also sensors that remove the needle skin, enter the intracellular fluid, scan it, and then analyze it on a separate screen, allowing you to identify the level of sugar and, most importantly, the trend. Such a device costs about 160 euros a month – just for measurements.

The Children's Hospital offers training "Diabetes Schools" where children, their parents and other people can learn how to live with diabetes. Doctors acknowledge that situations in which people with diabetes are trying to make a special place can still face in schools, schools and kindergartens. "It's important to explain this, to talk about it. Perhaps one campaign will not yet make a comprehensive change, but it will surely come to heart." Rejecting prejudices and fears, not only can you improve the quality of a person's life, but you can save someone's life, "reminds the head of the association.

In this article you will learn how to recognize diabetes.

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Pharmacists explain how to avoid Type 2 diabetes – Beautiful and healthy – Woman Fri, 16 Nov 2018 08:24:17 +0000

"2. Type 1 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is insufficient for the development of insulin in the body. Hence, insulin may be insufficient in the body, may be normal or even high, but the use of insulin in the cells is high and high blood sugar levels remain. Sugar can not be obtained by minimizing or removing sweets from the menu. In order to avoid the illness it is necessary to ensure that the body can function properly ", – explains the pharmacist.

Keep body weight moderately normal

Normal body weight improves rational use of insulin in the body. On the other hand, overweight is the main risk factor for the development of diabetes for men and women. When the body is obese, the amount and quantity of fat cells increases, which complicates the glucose penetration, which requires insulin multiplication – the pancreas can not produce it in the right amount. The need for insulin, metabolism, and the body are starting to work correctly. The risk of developing diabetes is also determined by the location of fat in the body. High obesity (apple obesity) develops type 2 diabetes from the oblique body (pear).

»Tips for the elderly who can keep their lifestyle and living conditions

Foods that provide nutrients and minerals for the prevention of diabetes are valuable, but do not allow excessive kilograms accumulation. Each meal should be named as appropriate the principle of food, where half board is for vegetables. Vegetables should be fresh. If salads are cooked, they can be mixed with light olive oil and citrus fruit sauce without fat-free sauce. Products for ¼ cups – meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, peas and ¼ carbohydrates should be served. Good choice – whole wheat products such as whole flavored macaroni, brown rice, various powders and grains.

It is recommended to use a small amount of healthy (unsaturated) olive oil such as olive oil, rape or linseed for cooking. The best choice for baking is oven or saucepan without excess oil. Avoid excessive consumption of heavy meat, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and other sweets. Water should be at least 2 liters. To keep the menu healthy and balanced, it is recommended that you plan regular nutrition and avoid misleading foods.

Save enough body activity

Physical active lifestyle is a key to avoiding various health problems, including avoiding Type 2 diabetes. Sufficient quantities of physical activity are required, especially those who work in the office and often spend their daily lives. Motion not only helps to reduce weight, but also helps the individual to move more, and the muscles spend more energy (glucose), which leads to lower levels of sugar. Daily physical activity or at least 5 days a week is important. This does not mean that you should go to the gym every day, it's best to spend 20 minutes or go 30-60 minutes on the exercise.

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Increased appetite and fatigue may be symptoms of diabetes in children Thu, 15 Nov 2018 12:24:57 +0000

The brush, called diabetes, is a very sharp and short needle - just four millimeters. Almost without sewing.

The brush, called diabetes, is a very sharp and short needle – just four millimeters. Almost without sewing.

Photo – Shutterstock

Endocrinologists at the Children's Clinical Hospital have found that Type 1 diabetes in Latvia is too late for children. This is due to a lack of information for parents and the public. 88.4% of children diagnosed with the disease are in the child's hospital where they are in serious condition or in diabetic ketoacidosis.

"In Latvia, 75-85 children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes every year. If the symptoms are early detected, the child's care is much easier, psychologically injurious and often not repeated, "explains Endocrinologist Dr. Iveta Livit-Krisanne, diabetic ketoacidosis in developed countries in 50-55% cases.

Early symptoms of type 1 diabetes show in children with acute viral disease. "The child is tired, often falls asleep, usually goes to the toilet and loses weight. Parents often report symptoms of the effects of the virus and do not pay sufficient attention to them. However, these symptoms should be taken into account for the timely diagnosis and timely diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. However, symptoms of diabetes can be based on full health. Parents need to be very careful to protect children from severe health problems, "explains Jesuit Crisan.

If the symptoms are not recognized early, the disease will result in diabetic ketoacidosis, which is expressed as a vomiting, abdominal pain, rapid and deep breathing, rapid heart rate, severe weakness, normal consciousness and coma. If any of these symptoms occur, call emergency medical care immediately.

Type 1 diabetes, overweight or inactive lifestyle.

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This can not be avoided and can not be cured completely. Disease treatment is based on the replacement of insulin under normal skin or insulin pump. Type 1 diabetes is a disorder of specific (autoimmune) immunity that can contribute to the development of diabetes in children with genetic predisposition (diabetes in the family), adverse environmental conditions, and some viral diseases that have genetic predisposition.

In Latvia, about 700 children aged under 18 and about 95,000 adults have diabetes mellitus. Of these, 650 children under the age of 18 have diabetes of type 1 diabetes.

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November 14 is a discussion of myths and truths about diabetes Wed, 14 Nov 2018 23:09:21 +0000



Photo – Shutterstock

Unfortunately, in recent years, as well as in Latvia, diabetes has become widespread in the world. In addition, diabetes of the second type is soft and invisible, so it also occurs in people who feel good and do not complain about their health. To focus on this problem, discuss the risk of diabetes mellitus and eliminate myths related to it. BENU Pharmaceuticals today talk about diabetes mitigation with the participation of myths and the truth about the World Day for Diabetes. Discussion will be alive and alive, and will be available to interested people.

November 14 – World Day of Diabetes is celebrated, in recent years it focuses on the expansion of the disease.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the diseases that change our habits and habits. But is life a decisive factor and a hereditary role? How do you know the first signs? How can you protect yourself and your family from the pain? This is just a few questions about daily routine diabetes prevention.

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Endocrinologist Una Gailis (Head of the Outpatient Unit of the Endocrinology Center at the University of Stratford University) discusses the underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes. Head of Racus Endocrinology Department League Arente tells about patients with diabetes mellitus and important questions of treatment, Pharmacist Anda Conon of Ben Pharmacy reports about availability of sugar and availability of medicines. Discussion is led by Valdis Melderis.

Cycle of the lecture cycle of the Academy of Health and Beauty of BENU is being discussed, and today, on November 14th, in the afternoon, diabetics – myths and truths are discussed. And will be available to anyone interested in the BENU Pharmacy Facebook page.

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BKUS: Diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in children is too late in BNN in Latvia Tue, 13 Nov 2018 10:18:46 +0000

Baltic news, Latvian news, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUIn Latvia, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus. In the Children's Clinical Hospital (BKUS), endocrinologists say this is due to a lack of information for parents and the public.

According to doctors, 88.4% of children diagnosed with the disease come to the Children's Hospital with serious illness or diabetic ketoacidosis.

"In Latvia, 75-85 children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes every year. If symptoms are early detected, treatment of children is much easier, psychologically injurious and often not reanimated, "explains Endocrinologist Iveta Livit-Kriscan, diagnosed with diarrhea ketoacidosis in developed countries in 50-55% of cases.

Experts believe that early diabetes mellitus symptoms can be seen in cases of childhood acute viral diseases.

"The child is tired, often sleeps, gets thirsty, goes to the toilet, and loses weight. Parents often report symptoms of the effects of the virus and do not pay sufficient attention to them. However, these symptoms should be taken into account for the timely diagnosis and timely diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. However, symptoms of diabetes can be based on full health. Parents need to be very careful to protect their children from severe health problems, "explains Livita-Krishana.

BKUS analysts say that if symptoms are not recognized early, diabetes is a ketoacidosis, which causes vomiting, pain in the abdomen, rapid and deep breathing, rapid heartbeat, severe weakness, moderate consciousness and coma. If any of these symptoms occur in a child, doctors should be urgently invited to emergency care.

Endocrinologists note that Type 1 diabetes does not result from diabetes, overweight, or inactive lifestyle. "It should not be avoided and it is impossible to treat it completely. Disease treatment is based on the replacement of insulin under normal skin or insulin pump. Type 1 diabetes can contribute to the development of diabetes in children with genetic predisposition (specifically, autoimmune) immunity, adverse environmental conditions, and some genetic predisposition to children with genetic predisposition.

In Latvia, about 700 children aged under 18 and about 95,000 adults have diabetes mellitus. Of these, 650 children under the age of 18 have 1 type of diabetes, BKUS reported.

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Confirmed the first episode of this season / day Tue, 13 Nov 2018 04:08:24 +0000

Arja also spoke about the spread of other respiratory viruses. There are rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, parainfluenza virus and other viruses that can cause acute respiratory infections. The most common type of viruses is children and adolescents of pre-school age.

According to him, in recent weeks the number of countries that have declared influenza prevalence in European countries has increased. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries reported the spread spread of influenza. In some countries, for example, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic reported that they were in the hospitalized proven flu, including in intensive care units, in some hospitalized patients.

SPKC specialists prefer to choose the exact antiviral virus when approaching the flu season. "This period is good for vaccination before the start of a flu vaccine," says Arja.

According to him, vaccination reduces the risk of serious complications, such as young children, pregnant women, chronic diseases, and people over the age of 65.

In addition, when approaching the season of influenza, experts often call people to wash their hands, keep the air clean and limit their contact with sick people.

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The specialist explains how to remove pain from the neck Mon, 12 Nov 2018 05:56:59 +0000

Unpleasant cough and neck reflections that are encountered in most autumn and winter may be a common occurrence. The main causes of malignant neck and cough and how to deal with it are explained by the pharmacist from Benu Pharmacy, Zanda Ozola.

According to pharmacists, 90 percent of cases are the most common cause of neck disease. It is important to understand that it is important to have an effective solution. Only then can you choose the treatment method and recommended medicines. But strengthening the immune system should prevent inflammation and pain.

Viruses and infections

Among the viruses that cause neck damage are cold, flu, mononucleosis, beetroot, chicken or epidemic parotitis. In addition, the most common group of streptococcus bacteria can cause bacterial infections, malnutrition. Children are more likely to have bacterial infections, about 40% of them. Immune responses to dusty allergens can also cause symptoms such as nasal drowning, crushing, and inflammation of the food. Dry air, smoking, and other irritants may cause inflammation of the mouth and food.

How to avoid it

As one of the first agents to avoid diarrhea, pharmacists establish the immune system by eating natural food, such as ginger or garlic. Vitamin C, which is purchased at the doctor in the appropriate dose and in EchinaceaEchinacea purpurea) nutrients, strengthens the immune system of adults. In turn, young children are recommended to use peanut extracts containing probiotics or immunomodulators, for example, food supplements. Of course, do not forget to use our "vitamin A" vitamin or vitamin D. Personal hygiene also reduces the prevalence of the virus, which causes high risk of the disease.

How important is immunity?

In our young age, immunity weakens, so its strength determines that we have a certain illness, and if the virus lags behind, the indicator is the duration of our disease. Several immune factors are affected, but the main pharmacists say about the lack of stress, insomnia, nutrition and physical activity. We can avoid diseases that are healthy and active according to lifestyle.

Not enough tea itself

In most cases, 7-10 days of symptoms decrease with neck, nose, dry cough and slightly higher temperatures. In order to alleviate pain, mixed anti-inflammatory drugs may be used, but this is not required. If you stay at home, have a rest and drink lots of liquids – hot and honey-filled water and warm tea, healthy food, chamomile and peppers, and rinse your neck with warm salt water. It is not recommended to drink hot and carbonated drinks as these may cause irritation.

If the neck has been suffering for a long time, the nose is clogged and there is pain in the nose, and if the cough is longer than three weeks, and the body temperature increases for a long time, you are advised to contact a specialist who will provide the appropriate treatment.

Be very careful with antibiotics

It is not recommended to use antibiotics unless the doctor determines the cause of your illness or cough because it does not work only in the event of a virus, further deterioration of the disease leads to the destruction of our immune defenses or germs that are found in the gastrointestinal tract. The above mentioned hot and carbonated drinks are not recommended. Patients who are overheating should not be covered with unnecessary pillows, but should be cold. As a further measure, a wet cloth can be used on the forehead. For small patients, do not use aspirin depending on the Ray syndrome to reduce the temperature.

Cure with dry and wet cough

Cough is often cured in the beginning of the viral disease. It is then recommended to use cough or coughing softening agents. They include the most common ingredients of Icelandic saline or pomegranate buds that are calmer and moisturizing corn. Coughing is already productive, with the use of large quantities of fluid and medication dosage and administration interval. It is recommended to use a peach or syrup dryer for these symptoms, or if the coconut is popular, it is a chemical remedy. When all these agents are eating, the last daily dose should be taken at least three hours before the night sleep. Also, be aware that you should drink a lot of liquids.

If the cough is too heavy or delayed, contact a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Good parenting can be a fool for children

Although adults and children have a wide spread of some diseases, an example of many respiratory illnesses in children can develop important respiratory diseases such as colds, viruses, and childhood bronchitis. In acute coughing, when using paraphernalia or pharmacy prescribed by a physician, some medications should be monitored damply to control the dry cough, and if it is not maintained, the medication should be changed. In the event of dry, sore wounds, antihistamines can be added to anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce irritation. The most important thing is that you need to worry about the product cough because it does not require awake for small patients, so the pillow is almost not horizontal, but quite free during walking.

We remember that adults describe our symptoms and cough, but smaller patients can not, so parents should listen to the child's cough and advise the specialist about the right treatment.

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