Thursday , February 25 2021


The central seat has become a real nightmare for frequent travelers which typically carry commercial airplanes, given the reduction in space on the airlines of the airlines around the world, lTenants of this position do not benefit from those who are in the windows or in the hallway.

The manufacturer of aircraft of Brazilian origin, Embraer, claims to have found a solution for this design problem lan aircraft called the E190-E2, which does not have a central seat due to innovation in its passenger cabin.

This is achieved by a configuration of 2 to 2 which allows to receive up to 150 passengers. That is, it has less capacity, but it is more comfortable. In addition, the windows are larger than their competitors, reducing by 17 percent less fuel than their predecessor, the E190.

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Similarly, the plane has an area 40% larger for hand luggage which often does not fit into the section.

Vice President of Marketing for Commercial Embraer, Rodrigo Silva e Souza explicitly in the statements that Infobae sent "Keeping the passenger's personal space was a goal, giving them the impression of having more space or traveling on a larger plane."

Under the nickname "Profit for shark hunting", the plane went through a world with drawings inspired by animals to position the South American giant in a competitive aviation market.

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