Saturday , May 8 2021

"Child Broken Child's Symbol" and "Regalon de Karademia": Tweets Against Moriire and Ossoundon

Twitter has been subject to special discussions and difficulties Senators Ivan Moraire (UDI) and Manuel Jose Oscandon (RN).

Everything started right away Directly from Ossandón to Moyira the final version is run by Christian Monkberg to test the housing and communal services, which involves the participation of the RN in internal elections, which does not comply with the Government's instructions.

«The symbol of the child's purification of the saucepan, Did the Minister attack Monknerberg? Political proselytism? Work in housing is very good, there is a migration and a territorial location close to our government, "said the senator and defended his candidacy for the post of president.

«Something about Ivan Morerra borders paranoid. Invites you to a Twitter account on Moreyre.

"When I say," I want to be a gift from a stupid person,, the session senator later responded.

"Mr. Monkberg, according to Mr. Converts, does not hold the conference, his officer Osson is attacking me." "If the river brings stones, it's heard."

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