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Everything Chile criticizes – illustrated – Be informed.

Hatred against the netizens is again confiscated.

Panelist Mucho Gusto de Mega, Karol Lucero, became the Trending Topic on Twitter. Reason? Once again, he wrongly posted a message about the death of journalist Javiera Suarez, who has been fighting cancer for several years.

This after details shared by former Pokemon boy on Instagram, exploding more criticism against him.

The animator sent two photos with mobile messages. "Borac … rests in Paz Javia," said the first. In the other he wrote: "Thanks to the heavens for your beautiful message Javi:" Bad things are happening, and the fame is that good things happen. When someone is bad at some stage of life, do not despair, because this will happen, but your good moment will live as if it would happen at some point and make use of it as such.

However, the problem was another, because on Instagram you have the ability to place places, locations, photos.

He put them: "Directly to the sky". This detail gave him countless criticisms on Twitter after the screen of his message became viral.

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