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Full details about the death of Brazilian Daniel Carrefour

Another section of the case Daniel Correa, A Brazilian player was killed, started and admitted Edison Brits being one of the suspects involved in the murder, Paulo Enrique da Silva, "We did not want to kill him, but please confirm it ".

Da Silva's version is comparable to two other crimes, Egor King and William David. They asserted that Correa was alive, placed on the car's luggage, and was involved with a murderer without involving any crime, but Paulo Enrique, too, watched the pictures of a soccer player, his wife stopped the car, drove him several times and killed him.

Also, after witnessing the first attack on a home, witnesses, his identity was not disclosed, Edison Brittes collected the guests, they cleanse the blood and they burn documents Correa.

The young woman never listened Cristiana BrittesHe complained to Daniel that he wanted to rape her and tried to rape her, but Edison asked her daughter "to help her or her father (Edison) kill the child (Correa)."

When the Witness saw that Daniel was being held in custody, she repeatedly told her that she had sent her to cover the door. Shortly thereafter, Paulo Enrique, Egor and William entered the habits. He also said that he heard Edison's shout "He who is married to a woman, in my room, will go with her to wife".

Also, according to the information of the global airport, he was one of the unarmed guests knife used for the crime of the kitchen. She also heard Christie's husband ask her to do nothing and answered her question. "I will defend this silly one".

Edison Brothers puts a pack of trucks in her hands, wondering what Allona did, I killed himShortly afterward, she asked the police to tell her that Daniel had left the house and left her to the mall, but she did not go to the meeting with fear.

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