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Health | Mad cow disease | Warning that this deadly evil can recur in people Technology and Science Sciences

Scottish scientists have warned that more cases can still be detected in humans Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease, in connection with the outbreak "crazy cows" which happened three decades ago.

In the documentary that broadcast the BBC Network, it was said by Scottish neurologist Richard Knight there are people who would be infected with this pathology, although his infection would have been "silent" and had not yet manifested itself.

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The documentary shows that the British government failed to prevent infected beef cattle spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), popularly known as disease of "crazy cows"will enter the food chain of people.

Since 1996. 177 people died after catching Creutzfeldt-Jakob, while more than four million cows were slaughtered.

Experts have indicated that this pathology is Progressively attacks the brain, but it can remain inactive for decades, which is why thirty years after the first case of crazy cows in the United Kingdom was discovered in 1989, Maybe there are still people who are infected.

Despite the fact that there have been decades of research,Pathology remains incurable and there is no way to determine if a person is a bearer.

"One of the things that is not clear is how many people in the UK are infected without knowing it, and any predictions we have suggest that there will be more cases– said Knight.

Professor of Neuropathology at the University of Edinburgh Colin Smith said it should not generate a "big alarm"it is possible that decades later people who were exposed to "contaminated foods in the late 1980s or early 1990s" began to pose "symptoms of the disease".

It is estimated that it is a scandal Mad cows cost the British public health service more than a billion pounds (more than 1113 million euros /1250 million dollars) and had a very significant impact on the British beef industry.

The last case crazy cow – the first one discovered in the decade – occurred at the Scottish farm in October last year, but the authorities reported it the sick animal did not enter the food chain and that this was not a threat to human health.

Source: EFE

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