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Lower the consumption of cigarettes and soft drinks to stop the fatty liver

Drink more than one non-alcoholic beverage per day or smoke more than one pack cigars, with moderate alcohol consumption, can accelerate the occurrence disease fatty liver. French researchers have found that, in addition to the above, exercising for at least two hours a week and changing cups for a cup of coffee daily can have a protective effect.

According to a professor at Strasbourg University Hospital, Lawrence Serfaty, in addition to the risk factors of metabolism such as obesity or diabetes that were already known, "environmental factors have also played an important role in the onset of liver injury" # 39 ;.

Serfaty stressed that, in order to protect the liver in a general way, it would be necessary to "refrain from consuming alcohol and refreshmentand they drink at least two cups of coffee without caffeine. "" For overweight people, you can only advise you to lose weight, but we know that this is often difficult. "

A fat liver is a disorder that may or may not cause inflammation in the body and leads to the formation of scars, known as fibrosis, which can develop in the cirrhosis, which disturbs the structure of the liver and disturbs its function. Contrary to what his name says, consumption of high-fat foods does not by itself cause it disease, as well as excessive alcohol consumption. (With agency information)

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