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Powerful Chinese vehicles at the International Motor Show in Bogota

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Updated 08/11/2018 – 15:02


BOGOTA, November 7 (Xinhua) – 60 automobile brands have opened the main map of the 16th edition of the international car market Bogota.

For over 12 days at the Corferias Fair in the capital of Colombia, more than a thousand cars and motorcycles are among the largest manufacturers, among them the Chinese transport pavilions.

International exhibitions include Changan and Haval stars, as well as Chinese brands.

The fair features such as lightweight financing and affordable prices for high-quality cars for companies, families and individuals offering these brands.

Businessman Changan, Colombian Chancellor Luis Fernando Ortiz, spoke to Xinhua about the benefits of car manufacturers released by the first plant for exporting Chinese vehicles.

"Changan brand is the largest of its brand in China last year, with over one million and seven hundred thousand units, we have four research centers in the United States, Japan, England and China," the salesman informed.

"The performance and equipment that describes our vehicles are equipped with state of the art technology, and we hope for constant mobility when entering electric motors, hybrid vehicles and atmospheric cars," he said.

Together with 4 years and over 58 years of car production in the Columbia market, Changan has launched three family vanes in Bogota and is well-equipped to meet the needs of users around the world.

Since the launch of a consolidated venture on the corporate market, the Colombians hope to increase the interest of the brand in the family segment through the introduction of convenient and effective cars.

According to Mr. Ortiz, despite some shortcomings in the international market of Chinese products, some aspects such as competitiveness have increased the car market in Latin America.

"We have competitive prices, but we have a tariff problem that damages all Chinese brands, with 35% of all tariffs comparable to our vehicle, and our team is very high," he assured.

"We really need a lot of people knowing that we need to get to know more about the challenge and to get acquainted with China's Changan equipment and finish high-end equipment," he said.

These brands' vehicles are 100,000 kilometers or five years warranty, and are provided by major car marketers, which also provides access to and maintenance of spare parts.

Emissions are projected to be environmentally conscious, which can reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity on the roads.

According to the manager of the Ambacar company in Colombia Maurizio Izaza, the Chinese Haval trademark company, the cars coming to Salón Internacional de Bogotá, has five stars in the Euro Ncap rating, which guarantees balanced interaction. driver and vehicle.

For Isazia, this brand's interest in the environment is a priority in creating a variety of cars.

"Our cars are perfectly suited to the environment, they are a very low emission technique, all of which comply with European standards, and today we are going to enter the market with the Haval brand in Europe," Isazade assured.

Businessman: "Diesel technology is getting worse, so our equipment is not equipped with this technique, and our machines have a function to quench the truck when it comes to truck traffic, which reduces emissions in cities," high or densely populated ".

Together with buyers and financial companies offering comfortable startups, these companies hope to increase their presence in the Columbia market and ensure that their vehicles meet all of the needs of consumers, taking into account the top ten requirements of the Andes.

At ISZA Xinhua, these vehicles are equipped with parallel and parallel stability, automotive lifting and lifting, which are developed cars thanks to the best car park around the world.

In January-July of the current year in Colombia, only 4 2626 Chinese wagons accounted for 4.2% of the Andes car market.

According to car registration authorities in Colombia, from 2010 to 2017, 80,560 Chinese vehicles were registered in the segments of public utility vehicles, vans and public, private and public services.

In turn, the National Federation of Salesers of Colombia reported that 175 268 vehicles of all brands were registered from January to September 2018, which is 2.0% more than in the same period last year.

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