Thursday , March 4 2021

Rosemarie replied after he left the "Soft Tour"

A few days ago it was known that Rosemarie Dietz was excluded from the McCann tour in 2018 due to "repeated episodes of irresponsibility," confirmed by the executive director of events, Carlos Sandía.

In fact, the blond missed one of the "Mekano" shows due to the presence of her friend Daniela Aránguiz, who, according to Rosemary, warned the upcoming team.

In the midst of this scenario, he decided to let money through post Instagram: "Just say that you always know the truth, God is great!" And when you act well for life, there are always bad people who try to point you and fall in the wrong way. I'm strong, so nothing ends for me, on the contrary, Rose has been around for some time. Kisses ? "wrote Rosemary.

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