Wednesday , June 16 2021

The bad smell of water in Las Condes and La Reina is caused by chemical toilet waste

The Office of Great Complexity found that the bad smell registered last March in the drinking water of Las Condes and La Reina because of the Unisan's operators poured waste chemical toilets in the three lakes of Aguas Andinas which supply these communities.

Consequently, fiscal Constanza Encina decided Formulate for a crime against public health three workers who would commit this irregularity.

As it was published Third PM, during the investigation it was established that it was The Accused had to transfer the waste from the Municipal Parking Providencia, is located in the municipality of La Reina, into the La Farfana wastewater treatment plant, in MaipuHowever, they decided to deviate from their route and throw waste near an intercommunal park, a maneuver captured by security cameras.

The event was registered on March 19th and caused at least 30 people to go to social services for severe stomach aches and infectious diseases caused by water consumption.

After we find this information, Mayor Las Condesa, Joaquín Lavín, expressed through Twitter that this fact is "very serious", so that "we will take legal action" since then "there are people who were innocent"

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