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Why you should activate Microsoft accounts that you do not use often before August 30th

Microsoft will begin to eliminate the accounts of its clients that are inactive for more than two years, according to a recent company statement.

The measure will come into force on August 30th.

If your account is inactive for more than two years, it will automatically be deleted and you will not be able to use it to sign up for access to Microsoft products and services.

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Microsoft will also remove all services associated with that account, such as Xbox, Outlook, Hotmail and Skype.

You can lose all your data and contacts associated with those accounts.

The files you have stored in OneDrive, a Microsoft cloud-based storage service, will also disappear.


Services such as Skype can be compromised.

What should I do to prevent my account being deleted?

In order to avoid losing an account, the user must register at least once every two years.

Microsoft always recommends that the user verify the activity status of your account by entering the account management section of your site.

How to enter this section, you need to start a session, which automatically serves to maintain an active account for at least another two years.

The previous limit of inactivity was for a period of five years.

Some services, such as OneDrive and, must start a session at least once a year to avoid potential closing of accounts.

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In order not to lose access to products and services, Microsoft recommends that at least a session starts at least every two years.

When will the account be closed after two years of inactivity?

  • If you made a purchase related to this account (does not include gift cards or certificates)
  • Accounts that have a subscription will not be closed for the duration of this subscription
  • Developers who publish in the Microsoft Store.
  • If the account balance is not zero
  • If Microsoft owes money to that account
  • If the account is assigned to a minor with appropriate approval, although it may be subject to cancellation, it is closed by the account holder or transferred to a standard account.
  • For legal matters or company's decision.

For more information, visit the official Microsoft website.

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