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Five Highlights of the British Championship: Ding Junhui Welcomes Students Who Can Block O'Sullivan – Sohu Sports –

2018-11-26 21:05:23 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: Five Highlights of the British Championship: Ding Junhui Welcomes Students Who Can Block O & Sullivan

On the evening of November 27, in Beijing, the start of the 2018/2019 season of the snooker season of the British championship begins, and this is also the most important event since the beginning of the season. All the famous players will participate in the competition and establish the most up-to-date season in the last season. The competition, after 708090, has the power to win the championship, among which are S & S and Ding Junhui performance highly anticipated. The following is a summary of five highlights of this British Championship.

1. Is Ding Junhui born again?

Ding Junhui from the last two seasons has entered the low point of his career, although he won the championship title Yushan World Open last season, he became the only one for the season, and then he made several times. The World Cup is the best sign for stopping the quarterfinals. This season, along with the expected date of birth of Ding Junhui Women, Ding Junhui missed a number of events. During the game Yushan, daughter Ding Junhui was born, and the defense of the tournament stopped the third round.

Ding Junhui, who established family changes, missed many competitions. Just playing in China, not far from home and lack of time for training, the state is even more difficult to guarantee. The British champions have a good memory for Ding Junhui, the first non-British champion of this traditional event, and has also established the position of the world's top players here. Compared to the girl's birthday at the beginning of the season, Ding Junhui gradually continued training, and the state improved compared to the start of the season. This year's British Championship may be the starting point for Ding Junhui to re-start this season.

2. Is O & # 39; Sullivan unstoppable?

Osullivan, who last season for 43 years, has even won five championships, and a strong performance once again made people see their dominance. At present, the number of champions O'Sullivan has reached 33 champions. Hendry has only three gaps in the championship. O'Sullivan's status is still hot this season, winning two consecutive championships in the Shanghai Master and Crown, but on the ranking list S & L Sullivan suffered a certain blockade, the semi-final win in England Davis North Finale lost the match to Trump.

Although the two-game placement lost the game at the last minute, O'Sullivan still showed the power of the game in the competition. Currently the British championship has been decided by the gaming company as a favorite number 1. If it wins, it will be the Olympics. The seventh champion of the British champion Sullivan surpassed Davis's first position and will be the first defender of the British Hendry championship in 1996. Who can block Sullivan's O'Sullivan in this tournament will be the biggest attraction.

3. Does Selby keep world number one?

The world's first Selby was looted last year in the spotlight. Although there are two champions in the ranking, the performance of the five ranked champions in the previous season fell too much. Although Selby won the champions champions this season, overall results are still very slow. Recently, the semi-finalists of the Northern Irish Games let the fans once more to be witnesses to the strength of Selby, confronting O'Sullivan's backwardness and rescuing them several times. The season was forced into the decisive game, and if there was no final victory of Sullivan's victory, Selby would make a great return, and perseverance and courage will hit the climax.

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