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The defending champion failed to win the match, Croatia won the Davis Cup – Sports News


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The Frenchman who defended the champion behind the great result could not wait for a miracle. With the replacement of Puya Liana three times in the world rankings in the seventh ranked Chile, the French team lost 1: 3 in the finals of the Davis Cup World Cup in Lille on June 25. Croatia, she won again after 2005.

After winning the last point, Cilic raised his hands and stood on the red clay of the stadium Pierre Mauroy, while the other members of the Croatian team went ahead and embraced and celebrated. The Croatian team became the tenth team that won at least twice in the 118-year history of the Davis Cup.

"It can not become a world champion every day, and for the whole country, there is a moment of dreams," said Cilic in an interview after the match.

This year is the latest in the current format of the Davis Cup tennis team. From 2019, the competition will be played in 18 teams in the final, similar to the new World Cup system.

The victory of the French team of the two Abel / Ma the previous day continued the hope for the championship of the tenth champion. On the day of the first single, captain of French captain Noah decided to replace Shadi with the highest rank Puy in the world, against Chile. In fact, given that Puye won the finals for the French team in the final last year, practice on the first day of the match Noah sent Shadi a lot of controversial games.

Each of the first 12 circles of Puya and Cilic was released, and the first set was pulled into a "hug seven". In front of Cilic, which is 1.98 meters high, Puye often dropped a small ball in front of the net to mobilize his opponent. However, in order to conclude the victory of Cilic, this is a small ball in front of the net, he won a "seven-handed" after 7: 3 to take the lead.

In the second set, Puye made several mistakes in the personal service of the sixth game and was interrupted by Chilean. Although Puye stubbornly saved three points in the eighth game, the match was close to 3: 5, but in the ninth game, Cilic won another set with 6: 3 after a high quality attack on the front. In the third set, Cilic entered the fifth match, and even led the lead 4-2. Although Puyev's ninth inning saved two matches, Cilic still pulled the ball back into the net before the opponent came into the net, blocking the score at 6: 3. The entire match lasted 2 hours and 19 minutes. (Reporter Su Bin)

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