Tuesday , March 2 2021

Donald Trump could import tariffs on imported cars


This measure aims to increase the national auto assembly industry.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, It encouraged the possibility of introducing a 25% tariff on imported cars to encourage the national auto assembly industry, referring to the long-term US tariff. to imported vans that have helped American cars dominate the market.

"The reason the truck is operating in the US is so popular that, for many years, Tariffs of 25% are imposed on trucks small ones entering our country. It's called a "chicken tax," Trump said on Twitter Wednesday.

In the sixties, President Lyndon Johnson levied a 25% tax on imported vans in retaliation for the East-German tariff for US poultry. It is known as a tax on chicken. Initially, other products were included in the American flag, but were then eliminated.

The tax on the van, which also applies to work van vans, was held and was an important factor contributing to the domination of American car manufacturers in the local market.

More cars would be assembled in the US if the same tariff applies to imported cars, Trump said, adding in another tweet that "GM will not close its drives in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland ".

Trump's tweet comes as his administration evaluates the application of new tariffs imported cars for reasons of national security, as well as for imports of steel and aluminum.

On Tuesday, Trump and other administration officials said they are considering taking GMO-subsidies, such as loans granted to buyers of electric vehicles as retaliatory measures.

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