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Elon Musk plagued by the flame thrower of Pablo Escobar family?

Roberto de Jesus Escobar GaviriaColombian drug addict brother Pablo Escobar is selling a flame launcher on the Internet, who would copy one of the richest people in the world.

According to the exclusive news portal TMZ, Capo's brother would think sue billionaire Elon Musk for his plagiarism "Escobar Inc" t and sell it for a double price.

This is a Escobar flame thrower that gets $ 249:

flamethrower escobar inc 2

Image: Escobar Inc. (official site).

The product on which Escobar is a member of the family is called "No flame thrower", which was launched on the market "Boring company" in 2018, one of the technology companies of musk.

This is achieved for $ 500 and would generate millions of profits to the South African tycoon.

How would he appropriate that idea?

According to TMZ information, Roberto Escobar said that one of the engineers "Boring Company" visited his family complex in Medellin in mid-2017.

At that meeting, Escobar's brother and worker Elon Muska spoke of a flame thrower that could "burn the money".

The publication says it "It's Escobar's fun" to burn cards.

For Robert, it would be a surprise to see his idea in 2018 when Elon carried out "No flame thrower", which caused anger in the Escobar family towards TMZ.

It added a web portal Escobar is considering legal proceedings against this company for allegedly stealing intellectual property.

Compare these pictures and consider if there might be plagiarism:

flame thrower is not flame thrower esobar inc

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