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Nacional defeated Caldas in the return of Osorio

Juan Carlos Osorio returned to the technical direction of Atlético Nacional with a triumph. The Antioquia team won 1-2 Once Caldas in the Palogrande Stadium in Manizales for the first date of the League of Águila II-2019.

In the first minute of the match local were surprised and lowered at the traffic light. José Fernando Cuadrado received a delicate pass through the home side's central defense after 67 minutes, but Carlos Pájaro was in the lead. Gerardo Ortiz made a mistake the ball was served to Vladimir Hernández, who sent him to the bottom.

The left side effect of the first half was good, but Sebastián Guzmán did not get the least chance to score. The teams went on holiday with 0-1 in favor of those who led Osorio.

At the beginning of the second part After Caldas advanced in his lines, he pressed and played in the opponent's field and reached the other early goal [49′], this time in favor of those led by Huberth Bodhert. Large filtered passage Johan Carbonero for Mander Garcia, who went on to qualify, won in speed and defined with subtlety above Cuadrad who came out on bail.

By the close of the minute, the visitor returned to the possession of the ball before Caldas defended himself once. In the 80th minute there was a great chance for the Manizales club to keep 3 points, while Menérd García hooked and was knocked down by Andrés Reyes in the area of ​​Nacional, so the referee whistled for a penalty. Sam was in charge of killing from a white spot but the ball collapsed on the crossbar and he went to the end.

When it seemed that it was unsettled at the paalogand, Nacional's collective move seemed to have ended medium distance shoe Pablo Cepellini, in which an orthi guard, who was covered with several men, had no reaction. Goljuo to seal a green triumph.

The next day, Nacional will receive Bucaramang at Atanasio Girardot, while Once caldas will travel to Bogota to face Millonarios at El Campino.


Andrés Reyes (45 ', Cristian Moya), Yerson Candelo (58 ', Tino Kosta), Edis Horacio Ibargüen (67 ', Johan Carbonero), Cepellini (74 ', Baldomero Perlaza), Harlin Suárez (76, Javier Reina), Marcelino Carreazo (91 & # 39 ;, Edis Horacio Ibarguen)


0-1, 1 & # 39 ;: Vladimir Hernández, 1-1, 49 & # 39 ;: Mender Garcia, 1-2, 86 & # 39 ;: Cepellini


Elvis Mosquera (24 & # 39 ;, yellow) t Baldomero Perlaza (37 & amp;; Yellow

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