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Napoli 3-1 Red Star: Summary, goals and result

Thank you for joining us at the match between Napoli and Estrella Roja! We are waiting for you in the next story of the Champions League!

Chronic match: With Ospina in goal, Napoli won and joined the round

In the second match, Liverpool lost home at PSG and complicated their placement

The match ends! Napoli 3-1 win over Red Star!

90 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; With this victory, Napoli is approaching the gambling stages of the Champions League, on the last day he has to connect or win against Liverpool to ensure their classification

90 & # 39; Three minutes to the San Paolo stadium

88 & # 39; In the last few minutes, the Red Star is encouraged to shoot at half distance, before Napoli's defensive closure

85 & # 39; Ospinaaaaaaaa! The bull was saved from the Colombian goalkeeper before the powerful shoot Ebecilio. One was at the right time to avoid the final cleaning of the Red Star

83 & # 39; Time stands out and the game goes on a constant journey. Sometimes Napoli is encouraged, but Red Star responds with short attacks

79 & # 39; Good try Fabián Ruiz! Before the small end the Spanish midfielder takes the left leg and requests the opponent's goalkeeper to stop the blow

78 & # 39; The game is controlled by Napoli, Estrella Roja is protected and can be encouraged to pass through the field, but without reaching the opposite area

76 & # 39; Change in Napoli. Lorenzo Insigne goes out and Piotr Zieliński enters

73 & # 39; Try far away from Maksimovic, but the ball passes and does not pose a danger to Goalkeeper Borjan's goal

71 & # 39; Napoli realizes that the amount of possession of the ball will not lead to a closer goal, as his forces are attacked with spacings. That is why he gives the ball to the Red Star for a few minutes and matches long passes to his attackers

65 & # 39; Napoli on the left side with Rui, but the center of the side does not reach the destination, and the defense of the guests refuses without a problem

61 & # 39; At this point possession of the ball is 80% for Napoli, which moves the ball from one side to the other, while the opponent defends himself with all his team on their field

59 & # 39; Although the Red Star has been stirred up in the reaction and shaken, still with the idea to give the ball to Napoli and wait a little space

56 & # 39; Marko Marin makes magic at the San Paolo stadium! The German used the counter attack and put an unexpected pass for Nabouhane between central Napoli and the attacker for Ospina

56 & # 39; ¡ESO! RED ESTRELLA!

54 & # 39; Napoli continues to dominate the ball and the match. Estrella Roja can win from Italy if she does not react quickly

51 & # 39; The difference is longer! He passed from Hamšík to Mertens, who scored the speed and then shot at the corner of a goal that was impossible for the goalkeeper. Double Belgian attacker


48 & # 39; Allan helps Isigneu and Italian victories in speed within the area, but passing to a further position is intercepted by an opponent defender and the game ends in the corner

47 & # 39; Napoli goes in the second half with the dominance of the ball and with long passes looking for the speed of his two forward

45 & # 39; The second moment begins in San Paolo: Get 2 – 0 ESTRELLA ROY

In this chart you can see auctions for Red Star dolls. There were only two.

In this chart you can see the number of recordings that Napoli had in the first 45 minutes.

These are the statistics of the first half that show why Napoli is the winner.

Property numbers during the first half say everything. The home team had the ball, the options and the domain of the bigger ones for the first 45 minutes.


46 & # 39; So far goalkeeper David Ospina had only two interventions in the match, a shock that almost pulled him out of the match and the first few minutes.

45 & # 39; At least three more minutes have been added to the game. Napoli wins two goals against Red Star.

43 & # 39; Brazilian Allan was also a tool for recovering the ball and in the order of his team that wins without problems and leader of his group in the Champions League.

41 & # 39; The best player of Naples for the first time was Allan. The Brazilian had the clarity to see the position of the Ancelotti striker.

40 & # 39; Estrella Roja tries to get hold of the misunderstanding and to write Napoli. However, the local team knows how to overcome the difficulties the rival gives him and there is another coming with Mertens.

38 & # 39; I'm losing ALLEY! The Spaniard took advantage of the return of the Red Star defense, but his shot was intercepted behind him.

32 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF NAPOLI. Mertens gets an excellent goal with a beautiful shot from the right leg, before Borjan can not do anything.

30 & # 39; Napoli returns to attack with his strength in the middle of the pitch and Red Star has to strengthen his defensive zone.

29 & # 39; Allan is crossing into the middle of the box, but the ball is well blocked by the rubles.

27 & # 39; KOULIBALY! The player from Napoli came on the field and missed the goal of Red Star for the second time in the match ….

26 & # 39; Napoli reduces the intensity of the ions in its game and the Red Star takes precedence, although there is no depth …

24 & # 39; With this result, Napoli is Group C leader in the Champions League with nine points, followed by PSG with eight.

22 & # 39; IT IS RED STAR TIE! By mistake Hamšić left space and time for Stojiljković to end up against Ospina, which was too narrow. however, the goalkeeper left the field back in front of the quick reaction of the defense.

20 & # 39; The Red Star kicked the ball, but the attempt ended with Stojiljkovic's offside.

16 & # 39; Allan, Hamsik, Callejón and Fabián give mobility in the middle of Naples and there is a good connection between them and strikers Mertens and Insigne. Naples is close to the other goal.

14 & # 39; Naples does not stop and continues to create football in the attack. Ancelotti plays the ball off guard and clears the ball over the bar.

10 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL NAPOLI. Hamsik marks the first goal of the match that was visible to the senior team Ancelotti.

10 & # 39; Napoli runs without problems, but as in the A series against Chievo, he does not define.

8 & # 39; Napoli is in the area of ​​his rival who, in addition to coming to the coup, had no other options …

7 & # 39; Napoli dominates the game, has a ball and has already arrived three times in danger for the goal led by Borjan who saved his team …

5 & ​​# 39; RED STAR IS WEDDING! Mertens was on the edge of a scuffle, but the opposing goalkeeper was careful.

4 & # 39; The Colombian goalkeeper is still playing, it seems that the shot was not serious ….

3 & # 39; CAUTION! Goalkeeper David Ospina lies on the floor after a collision with forward … The hit was on his knee

2 & # 39; Napoli shifted his rival to his area and therefore quickly took the ball.

1 & # 39; Napoli has the ball in the first seconds of the game, the Ancelotti team wants to play in the rival area since the start of the match.

The ceremony ends, the teams are greeted and everything is ready for the start of the match.


WELCOME !!! From this moment we will take all the details of the Napoli-Red Star for the Champions League.

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