Wednesday , August 4 2021

Provides the safety of the Wounded Governor of Bogotá who strives to steal

One of the four criminals was killed and another was taken into custody during the fire.

Last Wednesday night, Kundiamarca Governor Jorge Rei, Head of the Security Council After seeing a group of four thieves who wanted to steal his truck, he was shot and injured Location.

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According to eyewitnesses, Venezuelan criminals came to a taxi by taxi. District of Riviera address resolution Mayor John Jr. Montai, who was in the family business.

The response of the victim was his counterattack exchange of firearms in one of them.

However, the head of the security department at the time one of the attackers left him dead, and captured one of them.

According to the orders Police, the arrested person spoke in prison for robbery.

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The but two others fled Apparently, they were forced to steal a taxi.

Operation in Montoya Surgery Bogota Clinic in Colombia, where it was restored.

For his part The police made a statement it shall notify the entity's officers of its nomination providing psychological support to the victim and his family members.

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