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The target population went to dismiss the murder of girls

Dozens of inhabitants of the Mapiripan municipality, in the south of the Meta Department, protested murder and possible sexual abuse of a six-year-old girl, found in swimming in the waters of the Guaviare River.

"These events can not continue to happen in the Meta or any department in the country," said Gerardo León Mancera, one of the citizens who led the day.

A spokesman for the communal service said that the competent departments watched the day they were looking for Prosecution to investigate which allow them to explain what happened.

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A representative of the Municipality of Mapiripán, Alejandro Góngora Pava, confirmed the death of a six-year-old girl the age that was reported as missing for several days, as confirmed by their relatives.

An official said the investigation should determine whether the child was sexually abusedBefore they were killed and thrown into the water of the Guaviare River.

The operative rescue of the girl's body Guided by the Civil Defense, while confirmed to be wrapped in plastic balls.

As a result, three alleged perpetrators were captured and transferred to the city of San José and prosecuted, as confirmed by Guaviare Guéière Miguel Angel Botía Police.

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