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This is the beast that gave birth to the myth of unicorn and lived thousands of years ago

It is known as the Siberian Rhinoceros or Siberian Rhinoceros, although at first glance this species has no picture of what we all know as a unicorn, this animal probably gave the legend.

These prehistoric rhinoceros weighed about 3.5 tons and had a huge siren up to 3.2 meters length on the head, which makes it look like a mythological creature and makes it the last type of very recognizable and ancient origin.

Now, a group of scientists analyzed the DNA of this type of rhinoceros for the first time, which is not obvious when it died out, but it is estimated that it was about 200,000 years ago, much before the quaternary megaphone extermination. .

Researchers at the National History Museum have tested the remains of more than twenty specimens found in Siberia and Russia, and concluded that These rhinos can live up to 40,000 years ago.

This resolution means that this species coexisted with Neandertals and even with the first modern humans, but the question is: why did they die out? Experts believe that low temperatures of the ice age have frozen the ground, reducing their chances of getting food.

The study also examined the teeth of the so-called Siberian unicorns to find out what these prehistoric animals ate, and the results show that they are most likely to be fed on hard, dry grasses.

At present, there are only five types of rhinoceros, although some years ago there were up to 250 species at different times.

Sudan, the last male of the northern white rhinoceros, has recently died, and for that reason efforts are being made from the south to avoid its complete extinction.

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