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A strange man tried to get the kid out of the dressing room

Despite the strict security measures adopted in Havirov after the attack of dangerous schizophrenic Barbora Orlová in Moravská ZŠ 2012, last Thursday managed to reach an unknown school man who was pulling out a small school from the building.

Gorkého Elementary School in Havířov. Archive image.Photo: Diary / Josef Pintér

Gorkého Primary School is secured in front of a classic electronic lock that opens school staff after ringing. At least in this way, usually with the camera, the doors of all elementary schools are provided.

The men managed to get in, obviously, when someone left the building and could catch the door before closing.

"The wardrobe was a man who turned to another student, he asked if he would come out with him and told him not. One of our teachers might have registered who, when he saw how a man came into contact with a child, went to him and he turned and quickly left, where he set up a bigger black car and left. Accidentally, at that time, the girl's father was a girl at the school door, and the stranger passed by, "said director of the school, Igor Zutko.

A little pupil did nothing, but admitted that she noticed a similar person in the school the day before. Other people confirmed that they had seen a suspect in the vicinity of the school even for three days.

"We told the school department to warn other schools," Zaťko added.


The directors of several schools confirmed that they were informed about the event and gave a warning to their cantors and employees.

"We were informed, not only teachers, but also students of the school," said Jiří K. Kotaška, director K. K. Světlé, "we have a camera system in our school and no one we do not know about." There are always employees at the door for visitors.

Similarly, the director of ZŠ Fr. Hrubina Tomáš Ptáček: "Yes, the report came from the city council about what happened, and I gave this information to the staff of our school to be warned."

Entrance to ZŠ Fr. She looks at the whole time of schooling.
At ZŠ Fr. Hrubin keeps the seamstress. Photo: Deník / Libor Běčák


The City Hall of Havirov takes over even greater security. Once, all the participants in the meeting of the council had to go through the security framework and check their bags on the weapon. The fear of a possible attack has exacerbated the earlier incident, when former deputy director of Technical Services at Havířov Pavel Slíva shot at Deputy Mayor Martin Balshan's meeting, and then himself.

Rigorous control was canceled before the meeting of the City Assembly, but another measure was directly on the floor where the highest management of the city is located. The offices are open after the ring. Out of working hours all the entrances to the city administration are locked.

Schizophrenic attack

In Havířov, everyone has a memory case in May 2012. At lunch time, Barbora Orlová, who suffers from schizophrenia, arrived at the Moravská School in Šumbark. In the building, she attacked the children and the Governor who stabbed her with a knife. One woman took a woman as a hostage. The child was then released by the police.

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Barbora Orlová attacked two years later in a high school in Zedar above Sazavou, where she was injured by 16 pupils, Peter Veyvoda, who forced her to defend her convictions. It was only after this incident that it was isolated, so it could not further jeopardize the environment.

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