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COMMENT: Cheshi, neí místo. Zámoří indicates a further step towards hockey

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On the closest major tour, anyone honoring her in the NHL's world cup, but the Czech national team, is chybět.

From across the Atlantic, where the members of the Croatian Associa- tion are affiliated, NHL represent- ations on (its) future have a more meaningful meeting, and a solid statement:

Sorry, Czechs. For two days at the Holy Holiday, your place of exhilaration is about you.

Aby wanted to make it clear – this is equal to unconfirmed information from the media. A zadruhé – The Czechs have become sad about the tour. The place of the triangle with the propane lvou of the hlavou by the dressing-up of the jersey of Europe, where it could be found side by side with the Germans, the Swiss sky of Slovakia. "Nothing against them, but if we are with them on the roommate, we ask about our identity," says Václav Prospala, dlouholetého útočníka with the NHL. "You have to think, they are still a hockey ground, but they have a little time to think about putting on a big world."

Honest fanboys were pitted against Italy in a pail more.
Cheerful hockey players defeat the backstage of Switzerland 5: 4.

The pattern that mingles on the Holy Cross is chybět. Fanoušci glorify the Czech nationality.

The official reports are expected in the next week. Unfortunately, this speculation implies that the Czech Republic can push further into the hockey game. If the running back of the national team at the recent championship has added a fandom to the top of the glittering zytřky, vyškrtnutí Čechů with elite by being mercilessly mirrored the day on the ice scene.

The holy feast finally came before the third flight with the eight o'clock. It starts with a sixth round of tours, which lead to an NHL weekly break. Painted by American, Canadian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian. A zbylé směsici národů. "This is unrivaled, but you have to get better, it is not yet enough to qualify," says Patrick Elias, a further brilliant player with the NHL.

In the last season, he started the two-way final, which left the NHL half of the cat in the NHL. The Swede was 50. Finn 25. The Russians were about one thing, but it was inconsiderate, but the NHL bosses threw out a team and the volunteers stole about possible epic battles over the Zambor manchafty. The Russo's last seven championships have brought home the medals. Finové mají tři. The Swedes have stood for the age of three in the mistry of the world. Two strings can be swallowed up by the Swiss and the Germans themselves have to go for the Olympic finals for a fraction of the gold.

Joy, confetti, gold, fuss. This is what you enjoy playing hockey players.
Swedish hockey player Hampus Lindholm and eating a golden joy

Finnish golden joy (left) with this year's MS, Swede. Česká uz dlouho chybí.

České úspěchy for today? Zero. Nic.

In addition, you made an unforgettable window at the World Cup 2016, where the fight was complemented by fighters from the KHL Sky Swiss League. By the time this has happened, the NHL has gained a foothold in the tour to promote its own hvězdy. Further Czech hockey is even more so for the unified, well-behaved youngsters. Sky fiasco at this year's NHL Draft, with the most beautiful Czech quarterback – Branko Pařík – ranked 87th.

The Czech Republic has a schopné monolayer, but has become a global person, as long as Jágr has lived, Hašek needs Elias in heaven. For the last three hands, the All Star Game has been uniquely worn by Pastrňak, as it is a much-talked-about announcement of the qualification and earlier popularity of the Czech Republic in today's NHL.

You can earn more than a million dollars. First of all, you have to set up a buffet block for the purpose, which is located above the Holy Cross. Experts criticize, already a miniature be sleeping paskvil ne plnohodnotná soutěž. It is a stellar show, which has a stunning scenery to demonstrate the overseas dominion of the European nobles.

Cheshi mezi ně uz neřadí. Delusional and illusory, the sporty chloubě is already beautiful. Healing therapies, which started before the first flight, might have turned off the total blamas, but not even this time, had already started to work.

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