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COMMENT: Football has reached the rules. And why not?

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Cards for coaches? Yes, fans around the world are getting used to this new season.

And maybe you were astounded by what the newspapers would play.

Why do striking players suddenly not interfere with the defensive wall of the opponent while kicking with a direct hit, but is the meter away from it?

Why can goalkeepers kick in the limp during the start?

Why is the game changing?

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Why can not a judge play when the balloon is rejected?

And this is just a short list, the changes are much more. The players had to learn the news during the summer, so they would not be surprised at the playground. And Sparta even asked Pilsen to train his football experts before the league.

"Football is simple and some things are unnecessarily changing," said Pavel Vrba, coach from Pilsen.

Opening of the football league

Summarizing news

It can be argued that, while football is basically simple, but that it has not changed the rules, it would be stuck in the Stone Age.

Maybe he would lose the status of the most popular sport in the world.

It is logical that from time to time his bosses are thinking of what hinders or damages the game – and tries to eradicate it.

As a result, there is no danger that the players at the end of the match will move to the benches across the field and withdraw time. The new regulation instructs them – gentlemen to stand behind the line in the nearest possible place!

Football alone changes and develops over time, it is like a living organism. And it's amazing how excited it is when it decides to – albeit cosmetic – adjust orders.

Where would he be today if he was afraid to touch the rules!

For example, did you know that, almost fifty years after the first rules were written, the goalkeepers could play with their half of the field?

"Football is basically simple, but if you do not change the rules, it would be stuck in the Stone Age."

They do not even want to believe that even in the late sixties of the last century, deficiencies in knockout tournaments had to be repeated, or even decided on them – until 1970, penal rules are known.

And can you imagine that goalkeepers can still grab the passage from hand to hand, what was allowed to them in the early 1990s?

Over time, the next generation will probably be stunned by a similar historical look: how can football work without video until 2017?

Important changes in the Code to achieve the most popular sport on the planet. Even the correction of seemingly trivial things does not have to be the case if football laws help to bend and abuse as little as possible.

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