Tuesday , June 15 2021

In China, the first children with modified DNA were born. This is unacceptable and unethical, say scientists

The world's first genetically modified children came in. Scientist Che Jinjiu of the South China Science and Technology University (CRISPR) modified the genetic information of embryos to resist disease, including AIDS. After treatment, the HIV virus can not attack its cells. Embryon should implant several women. A few days ago, two non-identical twins were born – girls. But their parents did not want to be named and refused to express themselves in any case.

However, the success of the experiment does not cause a very positive reaction in the scientific community. Research reports have shattered the wave of criticism, many biologists, doctors and ethics have challenged the ethical and moral nature of the work. Experiments with human DNA have already been carried out, but never to such an extent with such an impact that goes beyond one generation. It is also not clear what the consequences of genetic changes will bring in the long run.

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John Evans, a sociologist at the University of San Diego, is considering the acceptability of such research at sciencealert.com. According to him, he can open the way for further modification of human genetics, which may be in line with eugenics. "When you understand how to change one gene, you can change any other," he said. That could then raise the question of what should be genetically modified. Only a deadly disease, or even a lack of intellect?

In addition, the sociologist points out that the results of Chinese work are discutable because they were not published in any professional and revised magazine.

Another researcher, Kiran Musunuru from the University of Pennsylvania, refuses this kind of research. "The experiment on human beings can not be morally and ethically defended," he told AP. Chinese bio-scientist Qui Renzong, for the Guardian, expressed concern that research based on an unjust path threatens the reputation of Chinese science. The institution where Che works does not report the research.

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