Wednesday , March 3 2021

Microsoft surpassed Apple's market value, and after eight years it again took US position 1. Help him take care of the small demand for iPhone

Microsoft, with the largest US market capitalization, was founded in 1998.

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Microsoft's software giant on Wednesday replaced Apple's technology company as the largest American company in terms of market value. Microsoft's market value at one point was $ 848 billion ($ 19.35 billion), making it $ 3 billion more than Apple's market value, according to Reuters.

A few months ago, Apple became the first US publicly traded company whose market capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion. Since then, apples have dropped significantly, mainly due to concerns over demand for their iPhone.

Apple surpassed the market capitalization of Microsoft in 2010. The software vendor for Windows at that time is struggling with little demand for PCs, partly because of the huge increase in smartphones that are being dragged onto the iPhone.

Microsoft was the largest US market capitalization company in 1998. She held this position until the beginning of 2000, when the so-called Internet bubble dropped, which led to a decline in the number of shares in the technology company at zero and the collapse of many companies.

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