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Now, I see how everything is being thought, Plekanec says of a divorce

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They were married in 2011 and their marriage has been idyllic for a long time. At least from the outside. However, according to the hockey player, he was already in the middle. Four years later, everything seemed to be the same. He can not explain how much love turned into almost hatred.

"I have goosebumps when I recall the last two years, or, if I read the textbooks we wrote, do not send or write something ugly," Plekanec admits.

"But now I see how everything is fictitious and prepared, and I did not know it all the time." "I do not have goose gum because it stopped working." This happens to many people and young children, but how it all happened. "

The hockey player is convinced that his wife is going for a long time and was not surprised, as she said in the media. She even hired a lawyer in Montreal.

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When the agreement is publicly posted on Facebook, divorce documents have already been in force in Canada. Plekan thinks Lucie Vondráčková wants to divorce himself in Canada, although he does not know why.

"I have so much information that I do not know, the difference is not so much in children's food, and it's never been possible to go and I'll always take care of the boys, but there may not be a contract in Canada before the marriage we signed here in the Czech Republic. I did not know. I tried to meet Luke several times, but it turned out to be recording me by phone, "DNES Magazine added on Thursday, saying the end of the divorce is still far from him.

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