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Weekends have been flooded, but they are not well filled –

Farmers had to stop the ongoing grain harvest and rain rape, but the rain definitely helped potatoes, tail and corn. Although probably not for long, because at the end of the week, meteorologists expect tropical thirty.

"Rain during harvest is partly complicated by the harvest, and in some cases it is also necessary to dry the harvest. However, there is a great need for good crop development, which is later harvested, "Real Agricultural Analyst Petr Havel confirmed.

According to him, a typical example is potatoes or corn, for which the holidays are helping. Summer precipitation has a positive impact on many other cultures, such as vines or hops.

"On the other hand, the storms with the city that hit southern Europe are scared of farmers, they can cause great damage to crops, sometimes even completely destroy them. Fortunately, they have fled to the Czech Republic," Havel added.

Water sportsmen are still waiting

Water sportsmen can not enjoy the rain weekend. Flows in the rivers did not change much, at the end of the week the flow levels varied depending on the precipitation intensity.
However, compared to the long-term average in July, they were generally below average, usually between 10 and 60 percent of long-term averages. Due to the expected meteorological situation in the following days, the water levels can be slightly reduced.

Low water level in Elbe in Dresden

Low water level in Elbe in Dresden

PHOTO: Jens Meyer, CTK / AP

Last week, meteorologists measured an average of 18 mm precipitation, equivalent to 98 percent of normal for this period.

In northern Moravia and Silesia, it fell from 10 to 20 mm during the weekend, but in the southern parts of Moravia, it was slightly less than 10 mm precipitation. The situation in Vysočina and southwestern and northern Bohemia was better, up to 30 mm.

Most precipitation, even over 50 mm, fell in the Sumava River. Large drought in the soil profile up to 20 cm continues in Prague and northwest of the capital to ístí nad Labem, further in the regions of Pilsen and Ostrava, where the useful water capacity ranges from 10 to 30, up to 50 percent. Currently, according to the data of the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute, 60.5 percent of the territory is affected by drought on the ground.

"Regarding the status of surface waters, the current situation in the Vltava River Basin can be assessed as a state of hydrological drought and the rain has only minimal impact on the flows of the past week," confirmed Hugo Roldán, a spokeswoman for the state-owned company Povod Vltavy.

The dams have enough supplies

According to him, the plumbing works Lipno I, Orlík and Slapy are at a level that corresponds to normal working levels prescribed by dispatch cards for the summer period. The collection of surface waters takes place according to the requirements of the users. The accumulation of Svihov in Želivka, the largest in the Czech Republic, is now 95% full.

"The supply of surface waters in water tanks is currently sufficient and can be taken in the required range. We are currently not seeing significant problems in the quality of water in the water reservoirs, "said Roldán.

Groundwater status deteriorated to a very subnormal level in relation to the previous week.

The worsening occurred in the catchment area of ​​Elbe from Orlica to Doubrave, Ottawa, Don Berounka, Opava, Olshe and Ostravice. The level in shallow wells per week in the overall average was generally slightly reduced.

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