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Widows took the quantum for the first time. Einstein | Vda

PRAGUE / GLASGOW Snmek, who was essentially replaced by photography, interrupted the boundaries of human knowledge. He captured a phenomenon that physicists can only describe and experiment. His existence, however, casts doubt on the speed of light as an invincible mistress.

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This is similar to the last published black photos. I do not know any of them. However, two black-black blacks mean a breakthrough for mankind. They were seen in a photo taken by a physicist at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, who captured the first quantum of two years.

A mortal man does not love you in physical form, and not in a stedocal to find out, for them the picture is really essential. The phenomenon is called квантов провзнthese widows knew only from incarnation, even in its existence. During this mythical story, celebrated by the obscurant action of Albert Einstein, two (in this case a photon light) communicate with one another to create a kind of connection between them. At one point, they seem to have merged into one.

That is, the two photons interact with each other, as well as the swelling that distances from one another, from here, Einstein's cittus. The first phenomenon, in addition to the state and quantity of mechanics, is one of the constants of Einstein's theory of relativity. Regardless of the distance between them, the reaction between the conditions is instantaneous, that is, even faster than the speed of light. It is, according to the theory of relativity, notion.

An elegant demonstration of the nature of nature, Paul-Antoine Moreau of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow, described the photo he shared with his colleagues. The phenomenon of practical use was above all in quantum invasions, but also in the field of the.

The widows in Scotland came to the scene by placing a series of quantum photons of photons from a quantum light source. This was done by nanoscale objects formed from the structure of liquid crystals. They can be moved using f to capture photons through n.

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