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"100 Thousand First Stages" .. The Government's First Move in Carrying Out a Bike for You Project

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Lieutenant Colonel Abdul-Moneim Al-Tarras, chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received the Minister of Youth and Sports to discuss executive steps to activate the cycling initiative for each citizen.

The talks are coming as part of a national cycling project, except that all the needs of the Ministry of Youth and Sports were met, according to a statement on Saturday.

In return, the Minister for Youth and Sports welcomed the cooperation with the Arab Industrialization Organization, one of the castles of the national industry, with which we cooperate in meeting all requirements for youth and sports facilities, praising the excellence of technical expertise and overcoming any obstacles to achieve all areas of cooperation with the required efficiency and the highest levels of quality and speed.

He added that all the data needed to accelerate the implementation of the initiative was studied through the provision of 100,000 bicycles as a first phase, emphasizing the importance of deepening local production by taking advantage of the advanced manufacturing capabilities of the Arab Industrialization Organization.

The Minister of Youth stressed the importance of the cycling initiative for every citizen, where it presents an economic system that provides employment opportunities for bicycle maintenance and distribution, as well as installments through banks, to provide bicycles at an affordable price below market.

He also pointed out that the cycling initiative for every citizen would be accessible to all bodies, institutions and individuals in the authorities of the Republic, explaining the importance of the media for raising awareness of the goals of the multi-health, economic and environmental initiative.

In a related context, the Minister of Youth and Sports is expected to start implementing a cycling project for each student at several universities, pointing out the study of funding mechanisms and how to reach the largest possible number of students, professors and staff at universities.

Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Al-Tarras, for his part, stressed the importance of participating in supporting the country's plan to favor local produce and optimize available resources and opportunities, emphasizing the importance of accelerating the activation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's initiative to put the bike on the map of major transportation funds in Egypt and works to localize its industry in the local market and market. Payment methods.

He emphasized that the initiative is a major qualitative leap by finding a safe, environmentally friendly way that consumes no energy or fuel and is inexpensive to repair or spare parts and accessible to many, as well as being a healthy sport suitable for all age groups.

Al-Terras confirmed that there is an ambitious plan in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on how to activate and implement the initiative, emphasizing that our goal is to have Egypt as a regional center for the production and export of bicycles to Africa and the Middle East.

He emphasized that the experience of developed countries in this context was re-examined to identify the latest technologies and methods, emphasizing the utilization of production opportunities available at the Arab Industrialization Organization to deepen local production and localization of the cycling industry in accordance with international quality standards.

He pointed out that the "terrace" in which the role of the Administration is to produce local production bicycle ratios is increasing over time, emphasizing that the proposed bicycle design takes into account all environmental conditions and the appearance of civilization, characterized by quality, durability and attractive design.

He stressed that the success of this initiative must change the culture of everyday transport for citizens and encourage them to use active means of transport instead of relying on automated means of fuel consumption and polluting the environment, in addition to remodeling roads and streets in existing cities. while new cities for urbanism have a vision The future will expand on the project, emphasizing the importance of conducting continuous monitoring and monitoring to ensure the success of the initiative.

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