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Cristiano Ronaldo has lost to Yugauin today

Cristiano Ronaldo's goalkeeper Wojciech Jesse says Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal striker Gonzalo Iguana will join the 12th round of the UEFA Super Cup in Milan. There are two straight goals.

Juventus goalkeeper Ciznie Igouain has received a penalty
Juventus goalkeeper Ciznie Igouain has received a penalty

For the first time Ronaldo has been fined by Iguain

"Ronaldo ordered me to go early because Bibita has been hit hard by blows, but I knew before. I started early and we slowed down and we wanted to do it," said Juventus, Goalkeeper of Sky Sports.

"We know each other very well," he said. "Iguain is paying off the penalties very seriously and lowly, so I was happy because he was well."

Jesse's decision to impose a penalty on Gonzalo Higuaín's 41th minute resulted in Juventus's 2-1 win over Milan.

Ronaldo won Juventus with a score of 2: 0 in Milan

In the 12th round of the Italian league, San Siro, Juventus, defeated Italy 2-0.

On the eighth minute Mario Mendezouic scored against Juventus against Milan.

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo joins Juventus on 81st minute.

Gonzalo Higuain penalized Milan in the penalty area and Cesi hit 41 minutes into the net.

Milan striker Paolo Debalala scored in the 56th minute.

Milan finished the last five minutes of the game with 10 people. Iguain's Mahdi Ben protested against the arbitrator who opposed Attija and Al-Khamra,.

Juventus took the lead after 31 points, six points out of Napoli, and Milan with fifth place with 21 points.

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