Sunday , May 16 2021

Google introduced 3 new features for Chrome OS this month

Google today unveiled three new features that will be unveiled this month on Chrome OS devices, and since the Chrome OS update is taking place in the background, those features should already be seen on Chromebooks, and the following are the main features of these features according to the US mspoweruser website .

– New media controls

Google is introducing new media controls in Chrome OS that allow you to control the sound from a card or app. Users can open their system menu and see all tabs or apps on a Chromebook that play audio from one place.

– New camera app

The updated Chromebook Camera app supports portrait mode on Google Pixel Slate, and Google will bring it to other Chromebooks in the future. In addition, Google has updated the camera app's user interface to switch between new modes, such as square and column.

– Improved notification management

You can now easily check and delete notifications from the Play Store apps on your Chromebook, and you can dismiss notifications with the Clear All key.

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