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Iron and cement prices in the construction materials market 15-11-2018

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Thursday, November 15, 2018 Arab News on the Construction Materials Market on Iron and Cement at Price 15-11-2018

We offer you Iron and cement prices today On Thursday, 15-11-2018, we update the tables in the construction materials markets and prices for tables, which provide tables at all prices for iron companies and cement plants on the Egyptian market. Iron and cement prices in Egypt The situation changed with the Egyptian government change The price of the dollar, Was a designer Rail price The pallet price, which is the main component of the iron preparation process and imported from abroad to green currency.

Anyway Cement Prices Due to the increase in fuel prices and increase in production cost after low supplies on the Egyptian market Cement ton price After the abandonment of the factories in April, El Arish gained its high value, after which the cement price rose to 1,300 pounds and then returned to the market with the opening of the new Beni Suef plant and increased the supply on the Egyptian market.

Iron and cement prices today

Iron and cement prices today

Continue Rail price In all factories, the current market stability after the last 300 pound decline is due to the global pallet price drop in the current period, with cement prices gradually rising twice in October, the continuous rise in cement prices, which leads to increased cost of production as well as increased market supply deficit gives. Iron and cement prices today All factories and companies.

Iron Prices at 15-11-2018

Witnesses Iron prices in Egypt The pallet price is expected to be stable and declining at the global level Rail price The import door was opened in the coming period The price of today's iron The majority of Egyptian iron factories have a share of 12100 pounds, and the Ezz Steel, with a maximum price of 12,000 pounds per tonne in Egypt.

Plant Product name Egyptian pound sterling
Egyptians Egyptians 12135
With tea With tea 12180
Ezz Ezz

Azz al-Hilal



Al-Jarhi Al-Jarhi 12100
Komi Komi 12250
Porter Porter 12250
Rider Rider 11790
Decimal Decimal 12250
Geophysical Geophysical 11750
Egypt Steel Egypt Steel 12250

The price of cement at Thursday, 15-11-2018

Witnesses Cement prices in Egypt Especially as Beni Suef was waiting for the opening of an army plant, a gradual rise in prices led to a rise in the cost of the producers and high shipping and transportation costs. Today is the price of cement ton 850 pounds in the Swedish plant, the following table Cement Prices In many Egyptian plants.

Plant Product name Plant delivery price
Swedish Swedish EGP 985
Egypt Suef Cement Egypt Beni Suef 905 LE
Toura Cement Torah 950 LE
Helwan cement Helwan 950 LE
Suez cement Suez 940 LE
Al Arish Cement Military EGP 885
Sinai Cement Sinai 870 lb
Lafarge Cement Unique EGP 900
Assyoum Cement Engineer 990 pounds
Arabic cement company Victory


930 pounds

EGP 985

Update: Prices for cement and cement at prices from 15 to 2018

  • Stabilized Iron and cement prices today Thursday, 15-11-2018, where he scored The price of today's iron In the factory, Buraya costs 12,180 pounds, while the tonnage in the plant's portfolio is 2,142 pounds Today is the price of cement ton Tora is 950 pounds in cement, 902 pounds in Beni Suef Cement, 940 pounds in the Suez Cement and the main reason for stability. Cement Prices This period is the opening of the cement complex in the governor of Beni Suef, which does not extend again, but also ensures the product is stable.

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