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Overall grade "zero Arab" student in Menia

Ishaq Saad Gad, student student Marilyn Ishaq, daughter of Minja, known as a student of "Safar Al Arabi", confirmed that his daughter received a total of 86% of the literary division.

He pointed out that Madeleine was in Arabic at zero and English at zero. In the second foreign language 40, the subject of geography 56, philosophy and logic 55, psychology 52 and received a total of 37 out of 60 degrees in history, he said that before examining history, he spent a long time in the prosecution to investigate the appearance of the Arabic language. .

"If my daughter received grades in the Arabic language, she would have exceeded 90 percent, but if she was not under the influence of English, she would have won more than 95 percent," Ishaq Vito said.

It is worth mentioning that a student in the third grade of a high school issued a case record at the Abu Kurk police station after being informed by the control that the answer sheet in his Arabic language was white.

The father of the "Safar Al Arabi" student in Minyah is progressing with 7 letters to investigate his daughter's incident

Majdi Amer, Director of Security Minya, received a notification from Brigadier Magdi Salem, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that he had received a notification from Abu Kurk's police station, and the application was issued by Marilyn A., third grade. The answer to her in the Arabic language is white and she left it without writing anything that the student denied in the record of the case, bearing number 2847 for the Abu Bakrqas police station in 2019. On the other hand, the Education Directorate investigates the incident .

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