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Sally Merkotore closes the door to go before the players in the winter

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Zamalek, referring to Super Koura, on Thursday, November 15, 2018, Mercato closed his doors to the players in the winter.

The Zsuztek officials have closed their doors this season for the final withdrawal of temptations and offers for players of the main object.

At the last stage, some Zamalek players have witnessed outside clubs outside of Egypt, especially Saudi Liga, especially Mahmud Jensh, Mahmoud Ala, Tarek Hamed, Joseph Oba and other white stars.

The familiarity with the Sacreddiction, the accountability of any major player's departure is grounded on the ground, as in the current season, the main goal of the White Team is to entertain and participate in all tournaments involving local, Arab, or African countries.






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