Friday , March 5 2021

Video .. Mena Fadhli cries in the air: "Nefesh Atgos, but afraid"

The singer, Mona Fadali, cried in the air when she remembered the tense relationship between her and her father from her youth and the impact on her personal life. She continued: "I do what God loves and what religion he said, because in the end he is a father and our Lord is his bookkeeper. Marriage in spite of my 34 years of life."

During her media dialogue, Samara Yusri, artist Mina Fadali confirmed the program "Concert 11"na e"If her mother was a mother and a father, who are themselves separated from responsibility, she continues:" I'm tired and tired of being a hero .. Although I have sisters, but I was alone all the time. "

She added: "I really want to admit and leave behind, but I'm really scared. And because of the income in connection with and disappearance, and the shyness and feelings of the length of time Htkhan or others .. I want any readiness to pass my children something that I deserve Bih ", stressing that difficult situations are experiencing. During her life she was much nicer than time.

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