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Madina Damm Armino (2:29:31) The Beirut marathon has won

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November 11, 2018

Beirut – Mohamed Redibearab in Morocco played an important role in the 16th edition of BLOM Bank Beirut marathon. on Sunday morning hours (11) 2:10:41 Destruction of favorites on IAAF Gold Label.

The women's race also saw some quick scenes when Madinah Demi Armii of Ethiopia was victorious when proving a magic day in the Lebanese capital. 2:29:31 Nazareth Weldon, a record-holder in Eritrea, is ahead of Hebron 2:29:48 – the third and fourth fastest stages in the history of the competition.

El Arabi, who stole the show that surprised the East African contingent earlier in the 28-year-old boy's race, did not raise doubts among his opponents, as several leading candidates, Wesley Corey, Boston Marathon Champion 2012, held his first marathon in April 2017.

After correction, Korir goes to Kenya's seventh home after being injured 2:14:18, but due to shortened training, 35-year-old girls were entertained with productivity.

"My goal was to engage in competition and see how it feels to have a marathon again," says Corey. "I like to have a pain, I did not feel pain, but now I feel a good start to the second stage of my career. See Wesley's back.

But on that day, a 7-year-old boy was five weeks after the PD in Beirut 2:09:16 At the Chicago Marathon, he gained the upper hand.

El Arabi, for the first time in Beirut, attended the World War II marathon and worked together in this race, so he did not have the radar of many elite runners. As a result, he was released shortly after 10 kilometers, and he was released.

El Arabi reached the middle of one of the pacemakers, which reached her 1:05:07, and more than half the others. The defenders of the castle were even more respectful than Moroccan's 88 seconds per second.

"In my opinion, their biggest concern was their reliability," Korir said. "For 25 years, we told them:" I am not Wesley Corey in 2012; There is an old guy. "

From the front, Al Aabari reached a distance of 30 kilometers and continued at a pace 1:32:33, then he was under his leadership 1:36 About Felix Chemong in Uganda and Dervis Gheleta educators from Ethiopia.

Its advantage was closed in the final mile, but the only reason Edabi was left in the finals was his 2:10:41 In 2017, the record set by Kenya's Dominic Ruth will be available in just one second.

"This is a great result for me to be the first in the World Championship and to break the record," El Arabi said. "This result came after hard training and great training."

Chemonges bikes 2:11:57, Third place with Geleta holding 2:12:33.

The women's race was a lot better than expecting Madameine Damm Arminna to stand up to the closing mile before making her own advantage, winning the Ethiopian four minutes 2:29:31.

"I am very happy because I have been the best 2:33 and that 's really something that' s going to improve, "said Armino, at least a minute 2:28:38, Ainis Chumba was appointed last year. "The weather was good and the next time it broke the record and went back even stronger."

Nazret Weldu Gebrehiwet finished a strong second 2:29:48, and the former track runner holds 400 meters, 10,000 meters and holds the Eritrea record on the marathon – rarely.

"It's a good day," said Voodoo. "In my first marathon, today's thought will help me work in the future."

The Selamawit Getith Tsegaw of Ethiopia came home for the third time 2:31:42.

Nesrine Njeim became the first Lebanese athlete to finish in the women's camp 3:07:56. "I'm glad to be here," he said. "Running on the streets was great – it was great".

Hussein Avada was one of the first Lebanese men 2:31:42.

Olga Kaldarova from Poland won a gold medal at the World Women's World Martial Arts Championship 2:38:17 his wife was taken from a woman from Alexandra Lisovska2:38:57).

Iranian Mohammad Jafar Muradi names half a marathon of men when 48,000 runners cross the street through different races 1:07:00, A women's crown, won by her husband Charin Njayim in Lebanon 1:20:09.

"I was hoping for the best, but that's it," says Nyeim. "This is part of my training for the Houston Marathon and I am happy to be here – it's always important for me, even if it's a race."

Anna Orozova, Slovakia's flagship marathon, showed good results for women's wrestling. 1:22:52, Three minutes from the British Elizabeth Mactheranna1:25:50), Third place with Lebanese Mona Francis 1:42:13. "Time is very good," says Orozova. "I felt very strong".

The men's race ended with nails by Ahmad Al Goule from the final meters to meet Lebanese compatriots Edward Mauluf. 1:25:45. Hassan Dias liked the third place and liked his best 1:30:30.


Men's marathon

1 Mohamed Reda El Aaraby (MAR) 2:10:41
2 Felix Hemingz (UGA) 2:11:57
3 Deresa Geleta (ETH) 2:12:33
4. Hiribo Shano (ETH) 2:12:39
5 Aden ID (ETH) 2:13:11

Women's marathon

1 Medina Reviving Armino (ETH) 2:29:31
2 Nazret Weldu (ERI) 2:29:48
3 Selamawit Getnet Tsegaw (ETH) 2:31:42
4 Edna Muhhana (KEN) 2:31:53
5 Almenech Guta (ETH) 2:33:20

Half of the men's marathon

1 Mohammad Jaffar Muradi (IRI) 1:07:00
Ismail Ssenyang (UGA) 1:07:12
3 Baghdad Reich (ALG) 1:10:57

Half a marathon of women

1 Chirine Njeim (LIB) 1:20:09
2 Jagoda Khatri (SUI) 1:27:50
3 Zeinab Bazzi (LIB) 1:28:32

Men 's Clock Marathon

1 Ahmed Al Gul (LIB) 1:25:45
Edward Mạlf (LIB) 1:25:45
3 Hassan Diah (LIB) 1:30:30

Women's Clock Marathon

1 Anna Orozua (SVK) 1:22:52
2 Elizabeth McCorman (GBR) 1:25:50
3 Mona Francis (LIB) 1:42:13

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