Sunday , March 7 2021

'Moving Monuments' bus mural announced in honor of late Mickey Leland

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis joined each other in memory of late Mickey Leland on his birthday Tuesday, and announced a "Moving Monuments" bus mural in his honor.

Lee's statement in a press release focused on heavy volunteer presence Leland, the former congressman for the 18th District of Texas, exuded – starting with soup kitchens and shelters, which later translated into a political focus on public health.

"As a member of the House of Representatives, (Leland) co-authored the legislation as an U.S. Representative who enacted the House Select Committee on Hunger, providing a single focus for hunger issues," Lee said. "Mickey Leland was an American hero who serves as an inspiration to all, especially those in African American communities."

His unwavering commitment to the community, Lee said, is what makes him worthy of a mural placed on a bus that serves Harris County residents.

"(Leland's) commitment to fairness and equality is symbolized in the mural that adorns the bus, which carries his image, and carries his prolific quote:" I am a citizen of this world as I am of my country, "she said .

Leland was born in Lubbock in 1944 and died in 1989 in a plane crash in Ethiopia while enroute to a United Nations refugee camp.

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