Monday , March 1 2021

Apple will invest a lot in the US, according to Trump

US President Donald Trump said yesterday, before dinner with Apple CEO Tim Cook, that the group will invest a lot in the United States. "I'm having dinner with Apple's Tim Cook tonight, they're going to spend huge amounts of money in the American Super!", Tweeted the Republican billionaire, not expanding on the subject or returning after a meal.

Apple said the day before that it was "on track" to directly "contribute" to the US economy to the tune of $ 350 billion by 2023, as it announced in early 2018.

The apple company also announced that it employs 90,000 people in the United States – without a contractor – and plans to create an additional 20,000 jobs in the next four years.

Donald Trump warned in late July that Apple would not have preferential treatment in the trade wars currently being waged between Washington and Beijing with reciprocal tariffs. The US president then called on a company whose many products are assembled in China to be manufactured in the United States to avoid tariffs.

Trump thanks Apple for its investment projects in the United States

On the occasion of the White House meeting in March, Donald Trump renamed the Apple Apple Tim Team. A sequence that the big boss humorously received, replacing his name with the famous Apple logo on his Twitter account, in the form of a crispy apple. The former real estate magnate then explained that he wanted to "save time and save words."

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