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Fantastic Paul McCartney at U Arena

Paul McCartney has 76 years. Maybe we do not want to get everything back to old age, in his nearly 60-year career. This does not stop. In the middle of this concert of this fortune in the Paris arena for defense, it will surely be a moment when one remains stunned by a cold British rocker. When, for example, it delivers after 30 minutes of performance, the raging version of "Allow Me That" all the guitars. Or when it comes to the scene, almost as if nothing happened, the public lighting more than its modest little person and the balance of the entry "Heavy Night Night". The most natural in the world.

What swings the whole room, despite the sound of the sound and typing the echo at the bottom of this huge Arena. Damn. It will be related to that. Fortunately, the repertoire remains odious: "All my kissing," where McCartney plays a nostalgia full of Beatles' careless pictures of their childhood. The old "I have to get you to life" and then the new "Come to me" from the excellent last album "Egyptian Station" released in September. "It's great to get back to Paris," he says in the applied French. No need to add more. The songs speak for him. "My Valentine" on the piano, dedicated to his wife Nancy "who is here tonight", "Nine hundred and eighty five" mildly Wings, which he founded in 1971, after the split of his mythical group. Or "despite all the dangers", "the first song recorded by the Beatles", he always speaks in French, a piece that even produces from The Quarrymen, the first Liverpool 4 fruits.

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The ideal moment, in the middle of the show, to point out the hand of a masterpiece: "From Me to You", "Michelle", "The Only Song in French We Know," commented on "Love Me," "Blackbird", always sublime, playing on guitar. Like "Today here," a 1982 song was sent to John Lennon a few months after his death.

Images of the projected Beatles

This is all? No, it's just the beginning. Because with McCartney when there are more, there are still some. It is enough to be used in his generous discography: "Eleanor Rigby", which carries the unhindered voice of the singer, "Something" began in ukulele alone, dedicated to his "brother" George Harrison who made this gem for the album "Abbey Put" in 1969. years. Images of the Beatles of that time are scrolling on screens and with them, certainly, part of the youth of the audience. Just watch everything in the Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da choir, and then "Backstage Band" or "Back to the USSR" where the screens play with the old paintings of the Soviet Union. It is believed that McCartney leaves when he goes into the corner of the stage.

No. It's better to get to the piano and start "Let It Be". The moment of the rally in the midst of a tide of illuminated mobile phones, before traditional explosions and real fireworks during Live and Let Death, then a huge finale of "Hey Jude", where he makes people sing "go boys" and women, "go girls" They are encouraging in French.

After almost 2.30, he returns to the final reminder surrounded by three flags: French, English and Gay. And there are also two incredible pieces of courage: the wavy "Helter Skelter" and the epic "Carry That Weight". A definite idea of ​​eternal youth.

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