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Magnus Carlsen retains the title of the chess world

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen meets with US Fabiano Caruana on Wednesday (November 28th) in London.
Norwegian Magnus Carlsen meets with US Fabiano Caruana on Wednesday (November 28th) in London. Matt Dunham / AP

In football, theoretically it is possible (with little luck) to win the World Cup without a win at any match, even without reaching goals. If you accumulate 0-0, you can get out of the group phase and then win the title head with a simple shine in penal recording, which is used to separate the protagonists in the case of a tie. If this possibility becomes a reality one day, we imagine the lack of enthusiasm and thinking that would benefit winners and the entire competition.

Unlikely in football, this scenario was just achieved at the World Chess Championship, which ended on Wednesday, November 28 in London. Defending champion Norwegian Magnus Karlsen defeated Fabiano Caruana from the United States in quick games, chessboard penalties. In fact, two people actually scored 6 points everywhere at the end of 12 games in the classic rhythm, which ended in a draw, the first in a long history of chess.

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However, during a quick training session in which Carlsen leaves, he did not leave a chance to the opponent. Everything happened at the first meeting: time taken while defending a sustainable position, Caruana made a mistake, which Carlsen immediately punished, which looked like a machine. Now forced to take on the risks, Caruana pushed too much into the second and Norwegian made a brilliant victim of a lunatic who started a fatal combination. The American quickly gave up. In the third part, he played his fortune with the Sicilian, and Carlsen, sitting in a solid position, let his opponent suddenly open the match, exchange a few coins and dominate Caruana, who again pressed the pendulum. 3-0, the result is tough, almost cruel, but logical, given Karlsen's obvious superiority at a fast pace.

A match that is disappointed

In the years it will be written that Sven Magnus Oen Carlsen, the world champion from 2013, will successfully defend his title for the third time just before his 28th birthday, which will be celebrated on November 30th. But this is probably all the history of the game of kings kept this game. Succession of twelve drawbacks is disappointing. Surely, there were no such "dumbbells", these games in which two players who do not want a battle share the moment after gently pushing a few pieces. The London match was really played, but it is unbelievable that no match was decisive.

Opportunities have not yet been missed. From the first part Magnus Calsen could open scoring. However, the imprecise game faded the advantage he had on Fabian Caruana who had not previously played the world championship. The American was well prepared, probably better than his opponent, which is not the strongest point, but he lacks the sharpness in the parts where he was in a better position.

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Norwegian, meanwhile, has not shown his legendary precision and patience, the one who is accustomed to crying, squeezes the positions until the blood is out. Thus, in the twelfth and final part, he proposed drawing as soon as he could, in a risk-free situation where he obviously had an advantage. As if the crusher was lowered. As if a tireless and merciless warrior became a cold pacifist. To repeat the comparison with football, we thought that suddenly we saw that the team played a transition of up to ten in their field while cynically waiting for penalties in which it prevailed. The selection, which was sharply criticized by former world champion Garry Kasparov who, in Twitter, wrote Carlsen "Looks like he's losing his temper."

An experiential crisis?

On Chessbase.com, another former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, in front of his tie, showed his irrepressibility in the Norwegian selection in this twelfth part: "I can not imagine this a few years ago." Kramnik, one of the best and finest players in the circuit, believes Carlsen is experiencing some kind of existential crisis, leading to less dominant games and less energy: "Regardless of the outcome of the game, you should think a bit, asking yourself a few questions: why is chess playing? Does it really enjoy? What does it want to accomplish?"

At a news conference after his victory, Magnus Carlsen responded to his two wonderful predecessors: "I think I made the right decision, he said. As for the opinion of Gary and the Government, they have the right to nonsense. " The Norwegian retain the title for another two years. But he is no longer a ruler. It's easy primus inter pares, first among his peers.

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