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Murder Alexie Daval: Suspected Drug Trail

This is a big question mark and another fear for Alex's relatives. Where are the drugs – some of which were for sale – found in his body? Did she lead them alone? Did they provoke the famous "crisis" described by Jonathann Daval, her husband and alleged killer?

Investigations carried out on the remains of a 29-year-old banker who was killed in the night of 27-28 October 2017 in Gray-Saône, under conditions to be determined, revealed that she set fire to several substances in the months before death, to the bloat of her family.

Blood and capillary samples showed the presence of three molecules: zolpidem (hypnotics used as a sleeping pill), tetrazepam (muscle relaxant) and especially tramadol (opiate analgesic). Three substances are contraindicated in pregnancy, whose interactions are dangerous and potentially severe adverse effects.

"Can we take it for those substances without his knowledge?"

The first two molecules, detected in small quantities, were occasionally prescribed to Alexia in the past. But we have to return by spring of 2012 to follow the recipe for tetrazepam, which will be removed next year from the European market … Did she retain the remains of these drugs, occasionally choosing? For example, Jonathann said she regularly takes sleeping pills.

"Alexia was athletic, she was very cautious about her diet, and she dreamed especially of having a child and had a difficult treatment to get there. She would never take a drug, especially forbidden, which could prevent pregnancy or endanger the baby!" a member of his family, who deals with the question: "Is it possible to make him take these substances without his knowledge, for example in his food? Can I cause an abortion in August 2017?"

A less intriguing, important presence of tramadol advocating "repeated consumption," according to a toxicologist, and especially at the end of 2016, immediately before the appearance of known "crises" or "shadows" as Alexia told her sister Stephanie. In addition to a phone call from her mother, where Alexia looked "drunk" and made uncomplicated remarks, no one except Jonathann was ever witness of those moments when a young woman was caught, becoming aggressive before sinking … and hitting him amnesia.

Civic parties demand the seizure of medical records Jonathann Daval

In March 2017, consultation with a neurologist in Dijon (Côte-d? Or), as well as the expert opinion commissioned by the investigating judge, made it impossible to determine the origin, even if "unnecessary use[[[[These drugs]could promote the recurrence of these disorders, "the doctor writes, which also includes the hypothesis of non-magnetized epilepsy.

Hallucinations, mental confusion, behavioral problems, agitation, aggression, but also amnesia and sleepiness … Alexia relatives have in mind a long list of potential side effects of these three molecules and continue to call into question. "Did these crises be consciously challenged? Or was it one of the sleeping sleeps one day? That's a necessary question," says another intimate Alexia.

In order to remove suspicions, prosecutors sought the seizure of medical records by Jonathann Daval, who was regularly attending two doctors to know if he could be prescribed by molecules that were incriminated.

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