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Rebellion (Zombie Army 4): Epic Games "Paying Wealth" Because of Their Exclusivity – News

Since its launch in December last year, Epic Games Store has been attracting an increasing number of partner studies, ready to skip Steam and its colossal audience to offer their games exclusively on this young online store. As Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion Developments, says, Epic Games does not hesitate to withdraw the checkbook to convince the least (via GamesIndustry).

Rebellion (Zombie Army 4): Epic Games

How can publishers or studios turn their back on Steam and its 90 million active users each month (data from October 2018) to go to a shop that is condemned by some PC player? The answer is simple: money. On the development stage of Develop: Brighton, Jason Kingsley came back to sign for an exclusive contract with the Epic Games, announced last May in that he will need a "very good reason" to do it:

In general, I do not think I want to work on exclusivity anymore, but I understand Epic's attitude about it, and quite frankly, they are paying the fortune to build their store. Everything is worthy of them, it's fantastic, and we will take their money, thanks to them. I knew that Epic had signed exclusive contracts, but we had not previously had. I did not think they would offer us because they usually go to big games. Of course, they have their new Zombie Army 4: Dead War game among their titles, which is good, it's a great bonus for us. I was quite impressed with the amount they gave us. Sometimes, as an independent developer, you need to know how to use the chance. Jason Kingsley, general manager of the rebellion.

At the end of June, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that this aggressive exclusion policy is the only way to reduce Steam's margin of sales (30%). And he secured that if Valve coincided with the 88/12 split, Epic Games would have withdrawn from this exclusive race.

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