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The beer's stomach hid a carcinogenic tumor of thirty-five pounds

Keep impressions! For several years, the Californian mocked about his "drinking beer". Only until CT scanning revealed that this abdominal overweight was due to the presence of a dangerous tumor weighing several tens of kilograms

How the famous word says: " The impressions are often wrong "And that is not Hector Hernandez who will oppose him. The case of this 47-year-old Californian was discovered in an article Washington PostYesterday, November 27th.

Improper diagnostic increase in body weight

Yes, and I read it

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" Yeah always he was a man corpulent He said to the famous American diary. So he did not pay too much attention to his weight in the last two years. But when he found it hands and feet appeared narrow visually as his stomach grewhe began to question himself. In addition, the surprised appearance of aliens who crossed the street face 137 kilograms torture of their loved ones about his Beer beer beer »« while very rarely consuming this drink Participated in his examination.

Then he began to suffer heartburn, constipation, and that he realized that he sometimes had it bad to catch breath that he decided to consult. The first doctor who examined him was satisfied Get off the back of your hand his concerns by explaining to him that " each had another physical weight distribution ". " So I thought I was fat "Says Hector Hernandez.

Giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma

But finding that her stomach was " difficult and difficult to touch Quarantine wanted to have a second opinion. After analyzing a scanner that doctors could diagnose a retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a special form of malignant tumor that develops at the level of fat tissue. Announcing the diagnosis, Hector Hernandez felt at the same time shocked, but safe To finally find out the reason for his condition.

He was operated last summer to remove this tumor. interventions which lasted one o'clock He's done well, but kidney, which was damaged by the presence of the other, had to be removed.

William Tsen, a surgeon-oncologist and assistant professor at Keck Medical School at the University of Southern California who performed the procedure, said that the tumor removed 35 kilograms (77 kilograms, ed). " That's for sure the biggest I had to remove "He said Washington Post, citing it as that sarcoma expert, it had to be surgically removed, but they were difficult usually between 9 and 13 kilograms.

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