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VIDEO – "Where did you come from, who chose you?" : Assigning weapons between directors Romain Goupil and Eric Droet at La Grande Explication

CLASH – A French director, a figure from May-68, tried to criticize eight yellow chess communicators on Wednesday on a set of Great Explanations Wednesday. He directly challenged Eric Drouet, one of the spokesmen for the movement, specially examining his legitimacy to represent people.

"Where did you find out who chose you?" A moment of tension on the La Grande Explication set, on Wednesday, November 28, featuring Romain Goupil and Eric Drouet. Guest of this special show LCI, the director has sharply raised the question of one of the initiators of the movement, attacking it on its legitimacy.

"But where's the consultation?"

This former Trotskyist militant and figure from May to May was called to speak against yellow vests, including Eric Drouet, the initiator of the November 17th. A little less controversial than fifty years ago, the filmmaker who called for the vote of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election, fiercely ruled the movement for lack of structuring. Directly attacked the driver and his role as a "lieutenant", he condemned illegitimacy due to a lack of "consultation".

Continuing to take over Eric Drouet, he criticized him for having had "an aim to arrive at Elysee". "He says that this is before the beginning of the movement," continues, unstoppable, leaving no possibility of interruption. And ask the person: "But where's the consultation?" And continue, offensive, and add knowledge "Where did you get from where you came from, who chose you?"

The film also returned, raising voices, racist, Islamophobic and homophobic actions that took place at certain points of blocking yellow vests. What did Eric Drouet say that violence in no way is symbolic of the movement? To conclude with the comparison with the absurd: "If there are 5% of the thieves, we will say that the whole population is a thief?"

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