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Aldi: Disgusting discovery in vegetables: The customer finds mega disgusting

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Diva discounter buyer Aldi Süd is shocked at the now disgusting invention. In the picture, the woman documents her findings.

Munich – With a truly disgusting find, Aldi South's customer is shocked. On the official discounter Facebook page, the buyer posts a picture of the odd-looking item. An unintentional "side dish" was mixed with it by a giant discounter who bought butter vegetables. However, after a closer look, customers should have lost their appetite.

Horror in Aldi Butter Vegetables: Buyer Post Photo

It's just a small, unobtrusive brown thing that the customer is apparently holding onto a handkerchief in front of the camera. But the disgusting find made the customer of the Aldi South branch only in its food. As the horrified woman explained on the discounter’s official Facebook page, a disgusting tear-graph was found in her vegetable with butter purchased earlier from Aldi Süd. "That's what you can find in Aldi's butter! It's disgusting!", Reveals a woman from her impenetrably found "accessory" terrified.

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Merchant Discounter Aldi Süd responds to allegations – buyer is appalled by "attachment"

What exactly is an undefined brown substance remains unclear in a Facebook post. Shortly after their complaint, the discount giant then speaks for itself. "Thanks for being directly informed about an unrelated piece of butter vegetable. We want to forward your information to our quality department and supplier for review as soon as possible, "explains Aldi Süd below the posted photo.

A disgusting finding with Aldi: it is unclear which woman actually found the butter in the vegetable

Through the contact form, an angry customer can then report their disgusting discovery. Whether the disgusting discovery is actually in dandelion vegetables and what the mucous graft is all about is likely to remain a mystery.

In the Aldi Nord product, he also cheated on an unbiased "attachment" supplement. Due to metal pieces, the product even now has to be recalled. There is also a health hazard with Edeka's product. In this "good and cheap" sausage from Edeka, consumers should take a closer look at the ingredients.

In Norma, a special burger from Nestlé wants to expand its offerings. No meat is processed.

What the customer experienced when she recently purchased a can is not disgusting. But the customer was already surprised by the content.

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