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Aldi: He recalled the baby's product – for choking

Aldi Nord has to call children's jeans for security reasons.

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For more than a month, children's shops were sold in all Aldi-Nord stores. Now the discount recall the product back due to choking.

Munich – Often, Aldi has to call one of the products – but in this case, it's about the safety of children. A children's jeans, which were sold in all Aldi-Nord stores, were hit. Due to "the reason for preventive consumer protection", the article must be reminded, said the discount in the message.

Aldi Nord: Dropping baby jeans – small pieces can be solved

Discount asks its clients to return the article "toddlers jeans overmudas for boys" of the brand "Pocopiano" in Aldi Nord. The number of products is "EAN 29009237".

The supplier of jeans pointed out that small parts of the product could be solved, the Aldi said. If children swallow these parts, there is a risk of choking. It is therefore strongly advised that no further use of the product, that is, a discount is used.

Lidl recently had a similar problem. The toy was broken, there was an acute risk of injury.

Let's recall Aldi: Children's jeans are sold in all stores for over a month

The situation is particularly disadvantageous for discounts, as jeans have been sold since May 6, 2019 in all Aldi-Nord stores. In the meantime, the product was removed from the sale.

Aldi expresses regret over his website and apologizes for the inconvenience. For consumer issues, a supplier of Furlano Textilhandelsgesellschaft is available. The company can come from 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday, using a free phone number 0800/3309776 or by e-mail to

The company has recently sharply criticized publicity for Father's Day.

Often Aldi has to call food products, such as student food or bread specials, for bread from "Orient Specials". However, not only does Aldi have to fight the withdrawal of the product. Even Penny had to take a sausage from the assortment, while Kaufland recalled the sauce.


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